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Matt Lucas Hits Back At Claims German Accent On Bake Off Was 'Offensive'

Matt Lucas Hits Back At Claims German Accent On Bake Off Was 'Offensive'

The sketch marked the start of Great British Bake Off's German week

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Matt Lucas has hit back at claims his German accent on The Great British Bake Off was 'offensive'.

The 47-year-old comedian and host of the show opened up the episode dressed as German electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk with his co-host Noel Fielding.

Watch the clip below:

Performing the sketch with German accents, some viewers didn't think it was appropriate and took to social media to complain.

Responding to one person - who has since deleted their tweet - that said it was 'offensive', Lucas wrote: "I am Anglo-German. I am a citizen of both countries, with passports for each, so I'll do a ropey German accent any time I like.

"Mind you, I'll probably also do a French accent and an Italian one, if I fancy. Cause, acting, innit."

Many fans jumped to his defence with one writing: "I'm German and there's absolutely nothing offensive there! Personally I get a bit annoyed when people try to classify German as nothing but aggressive, but that's stereotypes for ya."

Another added: "Don't explain yourself to anyone you're an actor, a comedy genius so it's all part of what you do, it's not offensive, it fitted in with the theme of the show."

A third agreed: "@RealMattLucas love you and please keep doing what you do - people are allowed to feel offended but that doesn't mean what someone else does is offensive. Long live comedy and the ability to laugh our [sic] ourselves."

Another quipped: "In the future we won't be allowed to laugh at anything for fear of offending someone. And, what a dull world it will be."

Slating both of the presenters, a viewer wrote: "Starting to find the mock German accent both irritating and inappropriate. Would this be allowed if it were another nationality?"

Another added: "The very unfunny Matt Lucas with his 'comic' German accent on #GreatBritishBakeOff," before saying: "Can you imagine the meltdown if it was an Indian or Caribbean accent he was mimicking."

This latest episode of Bake Off saw contestants tasked with German biscuits, an eight-layered Prinzregententorte chocolate cake and a yeast leavened cake.

Great British Bake Off is on every Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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