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Former YouTuber FPSRussia Opens Up About His Time In Prison

Former YouTuber FPSRussia Opens Up About His Time In Prison

The YouTuber was sentenced to two months in prison back in 2019

YouTuber FPSRussia has opened up about his time in prison - describing it as 'a weird f***ing' experience.

FPSRussia centred on the fictional character of Dimitri, played by Kyle Myers, a 'professional Russian' who used to show off his impressive arsenal of weapons and explosives in humorous videos.

FPSRussia first landed on YouTube back in 2010 and hit one million followers the next year. In fact, despite being inactive since 2016, the channel still has almost seven million subscribers and has racked up a staggering 947 million views.


But in August 2017, Myers' residence was raided agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) following allegations that Myers had been sent 25 grams of butane honey oil through the mail.

Butane honey oil is a marijuana concentrate that is high in THC.

A search of his property also resulted in the seizure of 'numerous weapons and drug paraphernalia', according to a statement from the GBI at the time.

The statement went on: "Myers was charged with possession of a schedule one substance with the intent to distribute (felony) and possession of drug related objects (misdemeanour)."


In June 2019, Myers was sentenced to two months in prison and two years probation after pleading guilty to Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana and Butane Hash Oil - all other charges were dismissed.

Since being released, Myers has spoken about his time inside on the podcast Painkiller Already where he said it was 'a weird f***ing time'.

Myers told the podcast he spent 56 days inside, before adding that he had been 'having a real good time, meeting new interesting people, learning all sorts of new interesting techniques and skills and tactics'.

He went on to say that he'd made some 'really good friends' but admitted that he may not be able to stay in contact with his new-found mates as they're 'both felons'.


When asked how he kept himself busy while banged up, he said: "Worked out a tonne, did a lot of running, did a lot of dieting - lost 35 pounds."

The arrest and jailing of Myers is not the first time FPSRussia made headlines for less-than-positive reasons.

The YouTube channel was hit with tragedy when production team member Keith Ratliff was found shot dead in his home in Georgia in January 2013 - prompting Myers to take a hiatus from creating content. To date, the death remains unsolved.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/FPSRussia

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