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People Take LSD And Then Try To Assemble Ikea Furniture

People Take LSD And Then Try To Assemble Ikea Furniture

Welcome to Hikea.

There are many opinions people have of Ikea. There are those that believe visiting the labyrinth of home appliances is up there with the best of activities, but there are also those who feel that if it wasn't for there impeccable meat balls a trip there is a wasted day. On the other hand there's those who feel like you're simply being a nosy bastard in multiple people's living rooms.

Each to their own, and that, of course, but there can't really be anyone out there who actually enjoys getting home and assembling the flat pack furniture?


It might look like a decent addition to the room, but a wardrobe, set of drawers or coffee table rarely ends up looking like it did in the store.

Despite this, two people have managed to find a way everyone can enjoy getting into a bit of DIY, by simply dropping acid before hand.

Hikea, created by Hunter Fine and Alex Taylor, see's the assembler experiment with psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs, thus improving the situation by at least 90 percent.

In the first episode, a game pair called Giancarlo and Nicole, tackle a dresser while under the influence of LSD. Given that it's the drug that fueled many of The Beatles' most loved hits, surely it could make a masterpiece out of a dresser?

Alas, no. It takes them long enough to get started and read the instructions that's to a prolonged period of giggles and pinging their tits off.

"Building Ikea furniture is a universal rite of passage and a struggle we all know, so it seemed naturally relatable to amplify the degree if difficulty with something a little stronger," Fine and Taylor told Co.Create, speaking about their show.

Well, you wouldn't really want to watch someone build flat pack furniture while sober, would you?


Experimenting with drugs has been popular for a long time, with it only increasing in both quantity and popularity. In fact, it has got to the point where you're stuck in a bean bag chair with a cockatoo telling you aliens exist.

For those of us who aren't into the narcotic-fuelled lifestyle, there are certain people who can paint a really vivid image of what it's like to be truly off your tits, and then of course there's the internet.

Someone has created a video, from a POV perspective, to show what it's like to trip on LSD. Having never tried the drug, I can't really comment on whether it's accurate or not. But it certainly makes it look like an intriguing experience.

Looking at these effects, it's easy to see why Lennon and McCartney started blabbering on about Crabalocker fishwives, pornographic priestess, tangerine trees and marmalade skies.

On the other hand, though, the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were both reportedly partial to a bit of LSD, so maybe it triggers the genius inside of us all. That being said, there's bound to be a huge percentage of people that take a tab and sit around chatting out of their arses, saying: "Yeah, that's it, we need a remote. Not just any remote, one that can turn off the sky. And turn up the volume on Doritos and dip. Maybe even mute a mirror."

Featured Image Credit: Hikea Productions

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