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Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves Says Nose Is 'Sinking' Following 11 Nose Jobs

Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves Says Nose Is 'Sinking' Following 11 Nose Jobs

The 36-year-old has under a whopping 72 operations and procedures in total

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Rodrigo Alves, dubbed the 'Human Ken Doll', has revealed that his nose has started to collapse again after undergoing a whopping 11 nose jobs.

The 36-year-old told the MailOnline that he is going to have another procedure on his nose to try to stop it from 'sinking' and that he now fears doctors won't be able to come up with a permanent fix for his conk.

Rodrigo has revealed his nose is 'sinking' after 11 procedures on it.
Rodrigo Alves/Instagram

He underwent his 11th nose procedure in January this year but is already planning his next as he desperately tries to save his nose.

Speaking to the news outlet, he said: "The results of this surgery were very pleasing at first but now I am going to have to have another surgery because it is sinking and I am scared, to be honest.

"Each time is riskier than the last and I'm worried that doctors aren't going to be able to fix my nose permanently."

After his surgery in January, Alves said: "My surgeon guaranteed he can fix my breathing, so finally I will be able to breathe again but there is a risk that my skin will not tolerate the surgery.

"If necrolysis develops it could mean I will lose my nose, so I am on antibiotics and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to reduce the risk of that.

"There is definitely a risk of necrolysis but there are ways to reduce that and I will defeat it if it happens."

However, he has since been told by medics that his nose could collapse completely and leave him with a hole in the middle of his face, if he doesn't pack in the operations.

The TV personality recently told Italian TV show Domenica Live that he has had 72 operations, but that he had only gone under the knife so many times because he had a 'lot of complications and things had to be repaired at the start'.

Rodrigo Alves has even had four ribs removed.
ITV/This Morning

He said that he was now only looking for 'non-surgical procedures' that don't require anaesthesia.

Alves has spent more than £600,000 ($774,300) on his procedures and surgeries over the years, which includes everything from Botox to pec implants and even rib removal.

Alongside his nose job in January, Alves went through a gruelling five-hour long face lift procedure which saw doctors remove 5cm of skin as well as 200 threads (from previous 'facial surgeries and procedures') and fibroids (the thickening and scarring of connective tissue).

He then spoke out to warn others about the dangers of some procedures, saying: "I would say the only things that do work are Botox, fillers, muscle therapy and vitamins - in my opinion the threads do not work."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Rodrigo Alves

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