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Man Given Cruel Nickname 'Alien' Hopes For Surgery So He Can Find Love

Man Given Cruel Nickname 'Alien' Hopes For Surgery So He Can Find Love

The 22-year-old has never had a formal diagnosis for his condition, which he believes is stopping him from finding a wife

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A man who has been given the cruel nickname 'alien' due to his enlarged head is desperate for surgery so he can meet a woman and get married.

Labourer Anshu Kumar, 22, is hoping that doctors can finally diagnose the mystery condition he has, which has left him with narrow, deep-set eyes and a larger than average head, so that he can then go and have surgery.

Anshu, from Punjab, India, who is unable to grow more than a narrow strip of hair on his head, explained he has never been given a name for the condition and that it is stopping him from finding a wife.

He said: "I wish to get cured as early as possible, so I can marry and have a family. This is my ultimate dream.

"Wherever I go, people call me 'alien'. They think I'm out of this world and consider me an extra-terrestrial.

"Due to my strange and big head, people gave me this nickname.

"When I was born, my parents consulted with a doctor, but he told them the disease is incurable."

Anshu currently earns the equivalent of around £50 ($63) a month, so has been unable to pull together the cash to go and see a specialist doctor who can diagnose him and potentially provide a treatment.

"I like to hang out with the children in my neighbourhood but often go for long walks alone," he added.

He and his family have never been given a formal diagnosis.

"I go to the local factory for work each day, spending nine hours there."

He is now hoping that the government will offer to step in and offer some money so he can seek out the treatment.

Speaking earlier this year, his father Kamlesh Kumar, said: "Anshu was born with different physical traits and we took him to the local doctor, but the doctor was unable to diagnose the disease properly.

"We lost all hopes of recovery."

Opening up about his condition in the same interview, Anshu said: "I always face sarcasm from people and after one Bollywood movie based on aliens, people started to call me an alien.

"Whenever I travel to my village on the train, people and children are frightened by my looks and keep their distance from me.

"I ignore people, but I cannot close my ears every time.

"I feel unlucky and hope for a normal physical shape."

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