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Hundreds Of People Attend 'Small Dong March' In Los Angeles

Hundreds Of People Attend 'Small Dong March' In Los Angeles

YouTubers Chad and JT organised the 'Small Dong March' through Los Angeles

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Hundreds of people took to the streets the other day to try to raise awareness of a condition that affects a lot of people.

We're talking - of course - about people who have tiny penises.

OK, so it's quite clearly a joke, but that didn't stop quite literally hundreds of people walking through Pershing Square in Los Angeles to attempt to lessen the stigma around penis size.

This 'Small Dong March' saw both men and women waving around placards with slogans on them - more on those later - offering support to those who maybe aren't packing quite as much as others in the trouser department.

They chanted: "End small dong shame!"


This whole bizarre affair was dreamt up by YouTube stars Chad and JT, who co-host the Chad and JT Go Deep podcast, and have a following of around 175,000 subscribers.

It's an issue that they clearly care deeply about, and they've staged other events of this nature aimed at supporting the small-donged.

Recently, the pair hosted the 'Small Dong Art Show', whatever that was.

A couple of days before the planned demonstration in LA, the duo issued a call for people to show up, whether they've got a small dong, a large or average dong, or even no dong whatsoever.

It takes everyone to get involved for a movement to truly take off.


In a Twitter video, JT said: "This is real, we need you there.

"I know some people are embarrassed to show up, but if you have a small dong the truth will come out!

"So own that truth - this Saturday at 10am."

Chad then added: "You can be an ally too.

"If you don't have a small dong - or even a dong - show up because we want to see you there!"

The real star of the show was the catchy and witty placard slogans that some carried around on the day.

Things like 'Jesus had a small dong' and 'all dongs are equal' - that sort of thing.


OK, so it's not exactly comic genius, but as a stunt you'd have to admit it's pretty well executed.

There was even a guy dressed as a dong, which kinda misses the point, given that he's obviously a massive dong, as they go.

Still, much fun was had by all, and perhaps if they managed to convince even one person that having a small penis is fine, they'll have served their purpose.

Either way, it's content.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@beach_pub_siesta

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