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Scientist Warns Against Attempting 'Deep Fried Water' TikTok Trend

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Scientist Warns Against Attempting 'Deep Fried Water' TikTok Trend

A scientist has warned against a new and unusual TikTok trend that has seen people essentially trying to deep fry water in hot oil. Before we go any further, it should go absolutely without saying that you should not be attempting to try this at home.


Among the many reasons you shouldn't combine water with hot oil - aside from the real and present danger it presents - is the fact that the trend is completely pointless.

The end creation has little taste and even less nutritional value, it's just a silly thing people are doing on TikTok.


It involves combining water with calcium alginate in order to make a spherical blob of water, then coating it in breadcrumbs and egg, then dropping it into a deep fryer.

However, if the coating and membrane of calcium alginate does split while within, and the water gets into the hot oil, you could find yourself in serious trouble.

Credit: TikTok/@trendychef_
Credit: TikTok/@trendychef_

A video showing the technique was shared by TikTok user @trendychef_ who detailed the process.


If you want to see that process, feel free, but - as we've covered - but please don't actually try it yourself.

It can end seriously badly, as you're about to learn.

Dr Christopher Cramer, a fellow of the American Chemical Society, said that the craze is 'somewhere between insane and suicidal'.

He told MailOnline: "Bottom line - good heavens, don't do this!


"The way deep frying works, of course, is that the 'nugget' is immersed in a hot oil - typically about 400°F or warmer.

"The exposed breading fries quickly to a crispy texture, while the heat works its way inward to a cooler centre, raising the interior's temperature more slowly."

So, the main issue here - aside from the fact that it's really dumb - is that the oil inside the deep fryer is significantly hotter than the boiling point of water.

Credit: TikTok/@trendychef_
Credit: TikTok/@trendychef_

Dr Cramer continued: "Water boils (turns into the gas we call steam) at 212°F [100°C].

"And, when that happens, it will expand in volume by about 1,500 times.

"That will happen pretty much in an instant, as the first portion to boil will break the nugget, and the resulting exposure of all of the remaining volume to the hot oil will flash it to steam immediately.

"So, that's basically an explosion in a vat of hot oil - and heaven help you when that oil begins to rain down onto the gas flame or hot electric burner."


The bottom line is, don't even bother trying this, because you're likely to hurt yourself, destroy your kitchen, and - at best - end up feeling incredibly silly.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/The Action Lab

Topics: Viral, Food, Food And Drink, Weird, TikTok

Tom Wood
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