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LADs Hold Funeral For Friend Who Got A Girlfriend And Now Has No Time For Them

LADs Hold Funeral For Friend Who Got A Girlfriend And Now Has No Time For Them

The boys were not happy their friend wanted to hang out 'with her and the cat' more than them.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A group of friends have gathered together to farewell their friend in a touching, beautiful and emotional funeral.

However, Ellis Russell wasn't dead.

The bloke was very much alive and was just getting to know his new girlfriend more.

That meant spending less time with his pals and replying to the group chat a little less, which didn't go down well with the fellas.


So, in a bid to highlight their sadness at not seeing their friend Ellis, the boys thought it was only fitting to farewell him in a hilarious way.

Aled Jenkins explained: "We previously had a good mate named Ellis Russell who we would see daily.

"Recently he has got in to a relationship...and decided to only stay in touch via WhatsApp so he can spend more time with her and the cat, this is simply unacceptable amongst lads.

"So we have decided to hold a funeral not for his literal death but for his death as a fellow lad. We hope to raise him eventually but for now we rest him in peace."

The group donned their best suits and gathered together in what looked like a household backyard to pay tribute to their pal Ellis.


But they really went the whole nine yards with this joke as they managed to either hire (is that a thing?) or buy a proper casket and order a life-sized cardboard cut out of Ellis.

The casket read Ellis Russell 1994-2021 and his happy, smiling face was poking out the end of it while the lads gathered around it.

They popped the replica of Ellis into the casket, lit a few candles and said their goodbyes.

This isn't the first group of pals to 'farewell' their friend who got a girlfriend.

Ben Hull organised a viral funeral for his mate Adam Milner in 2017 because he, like many people around his age, decided to get a girlfriend.

Ben Hull

Ben and a few friends held the makeshift funeral in the halls of St. Mary's University in Twickenham.

The 10 pals set up a table with a picture of him, along with some of his favourite things such as video games and a packet of cigarettes.

Speaking to LADbible, friend and funeral organiser Ben Hull offered an emotional plea to his lost friend: "Come back to where you belong in single paradise. We want the Adam we know and love back."

Jack Knight, who lives in the halls across from Adam, added: "To my dearest friend, playing the organ at your funeral was one of the hardest moments of my life so far. Banging shot after shot at Viper rooms just isn't the same now you're gone. Come back before it's too late."

Adam was not in attendance at the funeral as he chose to remain in his room and be on his phone.

However, we managed to reach out to Adam from beyond the grave, who said he and his girlfriend 'thought the entire thing was hilarious'.

And in a moving final message, he added: "Try not to miss me too much, lads, and sesh as hard as you possibly can in my absence."

Featured Image Credit: Aled Jenkins/CONTENTBIBLE

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