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People Still Shout 'Disgustang' At Scottish Mum From Viral Video Five Years Later

People Still Shout 'Disgustang' At Scottish Mum From Viral Video Five Years Later

Much like going bald or being Dutch, going viral is a process that you can't really undo... just ask fish and rice cakes guy.

Invariably, those who become immortalised through memes never had any intention to do so; the internet has simply decided to bestow this odd sort of fame on them.

Lizzie Brash is a prime example of this.


To this day, people still regularly shout her inadvertent catchphrase at her while she's out and about, going to the shops and even on holiday. A friend of the 39-year-old mum told The Scottish Sun that the heckles are 'relentless' - even to this day.

If you've never seen the clip that launched her to online stardom, then you're in for a treat, and if you watched it on repeat when it first surfaced all those years ago, well, you know you're in for a treat.

The video starts out with Lizzie's daughters - now aged 14 and 12 - sat in front of their webcam, about to launch into their own rap rendition of 'Oath' by Cher Lloyd... remember her, she came fourth on The X Factor in 2010.


However, just as the performance is getting under way, the angry mother swings open the door and shouts: "Why does somebody not know how to flush the toilet after they've had a SHET?

"Well it was fucken' one of yas... DISGUSTAAAANG!"

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Now obviously, that is absolutely hilarious, and while it was not the video the girls had in mind, it seems safe to say the video would have been viewed far far less had it gone to plan.


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It's also clear that Lizzie had no idea that her floater-fuelled rage would be recorded and disseminated across the planet. Indeed, the video proved so popular, that the family are still reminded of their viral fame on a regular basis.

Lizzie's unnamed friend told The Scottish Sun: "Lizzie had no idea she'd been filmed, let alone that it would end up online. Lizzie is mortified by the whole thing.

"People began to recognise Lizzie and the kids when they were out.


"She would be in Tesco and people would shout, 'Disgustin!'. Workies would be hanging out their vans shouting at them too.

"The girls get it all the time from other kids at school. It's relentless.

"Even when they were on holiday in Scarborough, folk were shouting the catchphrases.

"She and the girls are pretty recognisable with their big red hair."


It's a good point, they may even get more attention than Cher Lloyd these days. But while their fame may show no signs of subsiding, let's hope that the girls' turds do nowadays.

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