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A Time Traveller Has Revealed When 'WW3' Is Going To Happen

A Time Traveller Has Revealed When 'WW3' Is Going To Happen

The time traveller, who goes by the name 'timetraveler2582' on TikTok, has explained when the third world war will begin...

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

A self-confessed time traveller has revealed when they think World War III will begin, here's the explanation:

The TikTok user - who goes by the handle timetraveler2582 - posted the video alongside a series of clips with the message: "I have been asked when will WW3 take place. I will be answering the question today."

Before going on to add: "Unlike the two previous World Wars, WW3 wasn't a 'total war' but rather a precision war."

The time traveller then goes on to make the huge revelation: "WW3 will start in 2048 but the world war is generally said to have begun on Thanksgiving day, 2051."


Giving more details, they went on: "The cause of this war will be with the attack on the US orbital defense network and subsequent declarations of war.

"On Turkey by Poland and India as well as declarations of war on Japan by the USA and Korea." So there we have it.

Since being posted, the 30 second video has been watched over 470,000 times with nearly 30,000 likes and over 2,300 comments.

Responding to the video, some people said they were going to move away from where they lived while others revealed they would be building a shelter.

One asked: "Question and please answer, will Canada be okay? Do we find a way to survive?" While another added: "POLAND? Aight I'm moving out."

Someone else who wasn't as convinced commented: "If you're from 'the future' why didn't you come back to our time with technology that can save the world from many of these so called 'predictions'?"


The time traveller's bio states: "Yes, I'm a real time traveler from 2582. A new era is about to begin."

As well as making predictions on world wars, they've also told fans that the new Grand Theft Auto will officially launch on 23 October 2023.

According to another video, the video game will launch the first teaser during the summer of 2023 and it 'will be the largest and biggest selling game up until 2029'.

They go on to add: "GTA VI will be available for PS5 next gen, Xbox series X next gen and PC. Starting price on the release date of GTA VI will be 70$. The game will be standing at an amazing 246GB.

"Get ready, as the game will sold out [sic] on the first day of release."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/timetraveler2582

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