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Woman Earns Nearly £5,000 Per Month Selling Pictures Of Her Feet Online

Woman Earns Nearly £5,000 Per Month Selling Pictures Of Her Feet Online

As you can imagine, she gets some pretty strange requests

A medical student from the USA has been supplementing her wage - and even earning more - by selling pictures of her feet on the internet.

In fact, she can earn as much as $6,000 (£4,860) per month. That's some decent money, right there.

The woman, who goes by the pseudonym 'Sweet Arches', says that she's not only funding her studies with her bizarre side-hustle, but is actually earning more than she does working in a local operating theatre.

She also says it's far from an easy way to turn a quick buck. There's maintenance and upkeep to be done, as well as shooting decent photographs and - of course - dealing with some pretty out-there requests.

She admits to being into feet herself, which is probably a good thing, but added that there are some lines she won't cross.

PA Real Life

The 28-year-old explained: "Some people like the soles of the feet, some like the toes, some like to see them in different positions.

"People like to watch me crush things, like raspberries, grapes or cakes with my toes. I've actually had someone ask me to squish ants, but that's a no no for me. Anything that's living, I won't do that!

"The strangest request was from someone asking me to run him over in my car! I said absolutely not. That's definitely the craziest thing I've refused to do.

"Working in a hospital, I thought that would be quite counter-productive!"

She continued: "Some fans like 'self-foot worship,' where I play with my feet on camera.

"Others ask me to suck, kiss or lick my toes, or ask for me to send them worn boots or shoes.

"One client asked for a pair of my boots. A lot of people with a foot fetish like the stinky smell, but it's super hard for me to get my feet to stink. The client was still happy though, even though they smelled like my coconut foot mask!"

Well, it takes all sorts, I guess.

PA Real Life

The Portland-based online entrepreneur claims that she can earn up to £58,000 ($71,000) per year with her strange sideline.

That makes it more than a sideline, because it earns more than her actual job, and helps pay her tutelage, too.

She said: "I tripled my hospital income as a surgical assistant - which is $2,000 (£1,600) before tax. It's insane.

"Having a foot fetish myself, I started doing it for fun a year ago, just to share pictures of my cute feet. I didn't think I could make a living from it."

Always good to see someone happy in their work.

PA Real Life

She explained: "I have always had a foot fetish, enjoying pedicures and making sure my feet look good.

"Even when I was very young, I'd always compliment people on their feet or randomly give foot massages to my friends, whereas most people think feet are weird. They would call me gross.

"Then, about two years ago, a friend showed me that there was a whole community of others like me online, so I dived right in. I was so happy to find like-minded people.

"I set up my own page on Instagram in May 2019 and started posting pictures and videos every day. I had no idea what I was doing, but looked at other sites for inspiration, then a few bigger pages gave me a shout out, so my followers went up.

"Now I have 105,000 followers on Instagram and 25,000 on Twitter."

PA Real Life

On top of that, she's - obviously - got an OnlyFans account as well, that's where she sends much of her business nowadays.

She concluded: "I now have almost 1,000 subscribers on Only Fans, and usually get 50 to 100 messages or requests a day, so it is a lot to get through - although I have a friend who used to be a porn star, who gets more than 1,000.

"Mine are mostly to do with feet, but there are requests for other pictures.

"I never get fully naked. I do respond to some risqué requests, but I'm cautious.

"Everybody is super respectful, though. Even if they are asking me for something and I tell them I'm not willing to do it, they are still really polite.

"But I do get sent, shall we say, pictures of male anatomy. That is a hazard of the job!"

Sadly, that's a hazard of just being a woman on the internet, it would seem.

Featured Image Credit: PA Real Life

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