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Who Are Don Lewis’ Daughters? Age, Names And Where They Are Now

Who Are Don Lewis’ Daughters? Age, Names And Where They Are Now

The release of Tiger King 2 brings renewed interest in Don Lewis's strange disappearance.

Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders

As fans binge their way through Tiger King 2, they've realised the attention has turned to Carole Baskin and the disappearance of her self-made multi-millionaire husband, Don Lewis, in this second instalment.

Don Lewis and Carole Baskin married in 1991 and ran Big Cat Rescue animal sanctuary together. On the morning of 18th August 1997, Lewis left his home in Tampa, Florida and was never seen again.

Lewis was legally declared dead in 2002, but his disappearance and what really happened to him remains a mystery to this day. Baskin became a suspect at one point in the investigation, but no evidence linked her to the disappearance.

Various theories and speculative explanations about the disappearance have circulated over the years. Baskin, too, has explained what she thinks happened to her husband.

Baskin and her current husband, Howard Baskin, launched a lawsuit against the producers of Tiger King 2 because they claim they used footage of them without their permission.

Who are Don Lewis's daughters?

Don Lewis had four children in total, reports say. He had three daughters and another child, whose identity isn't known, from his marriage to Gladys Lewis. They divorced in 1990 and he and Carole (who had been having an affair) got married the following year.

Don Lewis's daughters' names are Donna Pettis, Lynda Sanchez, and Gale Rathbone. Their exact ages and birth dates aren't known, but it's thought they're in their 40s-50s.

The daughters of Don Lewis don't appear to be on social media, so it's hard to find out much about them.

According to a report, all of the Lewis sisters currently live in Dade City, Florida.

They were last seen in August 2020, when they announced a $100,000 reward to anybody who had information about their father's disappearance. The same year, the sisters filed a lawsuit against Carole.

The release of Tiger King 2 has created a renewed interest in Don Lewis's strange disappearance and it's hoped by the sisters that some new evidence could come to light.

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