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Al Pacino Takes A Tumble On The BAFTA Red Carpet

Al Pacino Takes A Tumble On The BAFTA Red Carpet

Thankfully the 79-year-old didn’t appear to be hurt, and was promptly helped to his feet by a few helping hands who’d been nearby

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Al Pacino took a bit of a tumble on the red carpet at tonight's BAFTA ceremony, having tripped up as he ascended a small staircase.

Thankfully the 79-year-old didn't appear to be hurt, and was promptly helped to his feet by a few helping hands who'd been nearby.

Al Pacino trips over on the red carpet for the BAFTAs.

Any mere mortal may have burst into tears at the sheer embarrassment, but we forget that Al Pacino is not just any mere mortal - he's a living legend.

The Hollywood A-lister really didn't seem too fussed, having been later seen looking all smiles as he posed on the red carpet.


After all, he's probably had much more exciting things on this mind this evening, given that he's up for the Supporting Actor BAFTA for his turn as Jimmy Hoffa in Martin Scorsese's The Irishman.

Pacino goes up against his fellow The Irishman co-star Joe Pesci, along with Tom Hanks (A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood), Anthony Hopkins (The two Popes) and Brad Pitt (Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood).

Speaking with Edith Bowman on the red carpet, Pacino discussed the joys of working with Robert De Niro again for The Irishman, having starred alongside the actor many times previously - including in the likes of The Godfather Part II and Michael Mann's 1995 crime flick Heat.

Pacino and De Niro in The Irishman.

Pacino said: "He's great, the thing with Robert is you can do anything. That's the pleasure I have of working with him."

On the experience of working on the film, he continued: "I think I was very lucky to be a part of it, and work with all of [the actors] that I've known for years. It was great.

"Really good script by Steve Zaillian - sometimes we forget about the writer who's written it. That's a big thing. Going into a film: you start with a script."

Pacino also talked about the de-aging process that he and his co-stars underwent for The Irishman, saying: "I think it's a new thing, and one wonders 'How is it going to hold up and what is it going to turn into?' But it's being done a lot in films."

It's been 44 years since Al won a BAFTA for his performance in The Godfather II, so fingers crossed for him tonight!

Featured Image Credit: PA

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