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Belle Delphine Receives Huge Backlash For Posting Disturbing Content With No 'Trigger Warning'

Belle Delphine Receives Huge Backlash For Posting Disturbing Content With No 'Trigger Warning'

“I know she posts nsfw content but posting something like that WITH NO TRIGGER WARNING is unacceptable to me."

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Belle Delphine has come under fire from social media users after sharing triggering images about her 'perfect first date' without a warning, with people saying the themes of kidnapping and rape are 'unacceptable' grounds.

(If those areas are trigger areas for you, click away now)

Delphine, whose real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner, prides herself inher 'weird', sexualised content, having built a huge fanbase in the process - with 1.93 YouTube subscribers and so much interest on OnlyFans that she claims to make 'a mill a month'.

For her latest stunt, however, some people believe she's taken her offbeat style too far, as she shared potentially upsetting content without any form of warning.

Yesterday, she posted a series of four images, captioning them: "My perfect first date."

Twitter/Belle Delphine

In the photos, we see that she is tied up with rope, with tape over her mouth. Several show her bundled into a car - in one, she's even in the boot - while in another it appears that her 'kidnapper' is having sex with her against her will.

One person wrote: "I know she posts nsfw content but posting something like that WITH NO TRIGGER WARNING is unacceptable to me. So many of her followers or others could have seen this and been triggered and that's not f**king okay."

Someone else said: "I saw a quick glimpse as to why Belle Delphine is trending WITHOUT A TRIGGER WARNING (thank god it was cropped heavily). I am physically sick. I actually almost threw up. now I have to throw away the rest of my ice cream bc I can't eat! I am not okay."

Some people tried to defend Delphine by saying that she was merely depicting 'two partners consenting in role-play'.

But others argued it wasn't the actual nature of the content that they found offensive, more so the manner in which it had been shared.

One Twitter user explained: "The kink isn't the problem, it's the fact that it's posted on public social media without any warnings, tags or censorship. Posting blurred or censored images with 'click here to see more' is different than 'hey surprise watch me get raped!'"

Another added: "It needs a content warning so that abuse survivors can avoid it. It's just not right to put it on a twitter this big. If people want to see that they can look for it."

Instagram/Belle Delphine

In a statement provided to LADbible, Delphine said she would not be apologising for the post.

She said: "There is nothing wrong with enjoying powerplay and BDSM where both people are consensual. I think saying because I enjoy consensual non-consent is promoting rape, is the same as the argument that violence in video games promotes violence, I made it very clear in the caption of my photo, and anything written about it that I was enjoying it and that is was consensual, I never said the word rape, or anything against my will. This is what other people have put onto it.

"I enjoy the idea of being tied up and used (with my consent, obviously). Another thing that people have said, is that I'm trying to dress like a child, which to me is insane. I felt like dressing vintage that day and even styled my hair in a beehive that was very common for women of that time. All the clothes I wear are made for adults, so the only thing that people can comment on maybe is the fact that I'm wearing a dress? It's very confusing for me.

"No one likes rape, no one wants rape to exist. Saying that I support rape is the same as saying that 50% of the female population does, because if you look at statistics based upon this (from studies done over the last 30 years, including new studies) a lot of women have powerplay/rape fantasies in the exact same way. I consented to being tied up and to having rough sex.

"I am not apologising for anything, what I did wasn't wrong, and much more normal than people think. Look at one of the most common sexual outfits and fantasies, schoolgirl. If you wear that are you promoting paedophilia now? The front page of porn websites include fantasy scenario's of every different kind you can think of. Incest, step-mom, teacher etc. Just because someone likes the fantasy of something, doesn't mean they want it in real life. Sex is complex and explorative, but should always be consensual.

"I post a lot of sexual stuff to my twitter, because it's for my Onlyfans, people who are sensitive to kinks and sexual content shouldn't be following me, I've made it very clear that I'm posting hard-core porn."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Belle Delphine

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