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Game Of Thrones' The Mountain Has A Canadian Girlfriend That Is Almost Half His Size.

Game Of Thrones' The Mountain Has A Canadian Girlfriend That Is Almost Half His Size.

'Game Of Thrones' star Hafthor Julius Bjornsson has a new lady by his side and she's just 5'2" compared to his 6'9".

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

They do say that opposites attract, and here's some irrefutable proof in picture form.

As reported by TMZ, Hafthor Julius Bjornsson - better known as Ser Gregor 'The Mountain' Clegane on some little TV show called Game Of Thrones - is dating Canadian Kelsey Henson.

If you're wondering why that's weird, it's because the Icelandic actor is 6'9" tall, while Henson is just 5'2". So he's not quite twice her size, but looking at the pictures they've posted on their Instagram accounts, it kind of looks like it sometimes.

The story of this unlikely, odd-sized couple began back in September. Henson was working as a waitress at Earls Kitchen + Bar in Alberta when Thor, who was in town for a strong-man competition - and who's a seven times Strongest Man in Iceland - walked in.

She apparently asked him for an autograph, the pair hit it off and now here we are.

Of course, the huge difference in their size naturally raises a few questions.

Do they have different sized chairs and tables when they eat at home. Otherwise, we imagine it'd be very hard to sit together.

And what about when they borrow each other's cars? Must be a pain always moving the seats backwards and forwards, up and down.

Anyway, logistics aside, the couple seem to be having the time of their lives and have reportedly taken numerous trips together to Spain, Cyprus and his homeland of Iceland.

TMZ reports that they're doing the long distance thing for now, but that she plans to visit him again in January.

Bjornsson was cast as The Mountain for the fourth season of the HBO series, and he's the third person to portray the character, after Conan Stevens and Ian Whyte who played him in seasons one and two.

Bjornsson has since made the role his own, continuing it through to the latest season.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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