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Mia Khalifa Donates Monthly Salary To Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

Mia Khalifa Donates Monthly Salary To Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

Several high profile celebrities have helped raise money for the recovery effort

Mia Khalifa has become the latest celebrity to donate money towards the relief fund helping victims of Hurricane Harvey, which decimated parts of America in August.

The 24-year-old has uploaded an image to Instagram, saying: "I'm also donating my September Twitch.TV earnings and donations to hurricane relief. Link is in my bio if you want to contribute."

Her total donation comes to $5,110.30 (£3,911.30) and goes to the George H. W Bush Presidential Library Foundation.

She received a letter back from the organisation, saying: "All funds collected through the One America Appeal will go into a special ensure 100 cents out of every dollar donated goes to hurricane recovery."

She's one of many celebrities to commit funds, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Sandra Bullock offering $1 million (£774,053), while the Kardashian family reportedly pledging $500,000 (£387,283).

The hurricane was extremely devastating, with 77 people losing their lives in both Guyana and the United States. It was the first major hurricane for the year and made landfall in the US as a Category Four.

Once the storm was over, thousands of people had to be rescued from their homes because roads were too flooded. Nearly 50,000 properties were affected by Harvey, with at least one thousand being completely destroyed.

It's the second most economically damaging natural disaster in the country's history, with Hurricane Katrina coming in first. Estimates predict that Harvey caused $81 billion to $108 billion (£61-82 billion) in economic damages.

Hurricane Harvey
Hurricane Harvey

Credit: PA

The statistics gathered from meteorologists are mind-blowing.

Harvey dumped a whopping 15 trillion gallons of water, which is the most any storm has ever produced in America. But the big concern is whether some people will get help with their properties as regular homeowner insurance policies can sometime exclude cover for flooding.

Last month the Insurance Council of Texas predicts the total amount of uninsured losses will be $19 billion (£14 billion).

The first checks from the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund have started to arrive in affected areas. Deysi Crespo, executive director of Katy Christian Ministries received a check for $110,000 because part of their building flooded, telling KHOU: "The need here in the suburbs is a great one. There's a lot of families that lost a lot.

"We were blessed to receive [this money] from the city and it's going to go a long way."

The TV network says there's about $79 million in that fund alone, with several charity organisations running their own separate fundraisers.

Sources: LA Times, KHOU

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/PA

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