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Paris Jackson Opens Up About What Happened After Her Dad Michael Died

Paris Jackson Opens Up About What Happened After Her Dad Michael Died

Paris spoke to Willow Smith on Red Table Talk

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Michael Jackson's daughter Paris has opened up about what happened to her after he died, explaining she was too young to fully understand what was going on as she was sent off to live with her grandmother - a strict Jehovah's Witness.

Speaking to Willow Smith in a new episode of Red Table Talk, 23-year-old Paris discussed what it had been like to lose her father at such a young age.

Willow asked Paris how she found 'the strength to keep going' after the death of her father - who passed away in 2009 at the age of 50 - to which she replied: "I don't know, it kind of just happened.

Red Table Talk/Facebook Watch

"I was so young that I wasn't conscious of 'I've gotta keep going'.

"I was just going through the motions and didn't really understand what was happening, and so I just went with what I was told to do and 'Okay, I'm living here now, okay, I'm going to school now and I'm not home-schooled anymore, I'll just do what I'm told'.

"Because I didn't really have much guidance."

Paris with her brothers during a memorial service for Michael Jackson.

In a voiceover, Smith explained what happened next, saying: "After her dad died, Paris and her brothers moved in with her grandmother Katherine. The Jackson family matriarch was named permanent guardian.

"The children went from home-schooling and travelling the world with their father to attending traditional school and living under Katherine's strict Jehovah's Witness beliefs."

After Willow asked if Paris was still close to her dad's side of the family, she said: "I'm still very close with my brothers, and I see my family during family reunions and I tell them all the time, 'If you wanna call me, call me. I've got love and respect for all you guys'.

Katherine Jackson.

"I just saw my cousins for Thanksgiving and Christmas, even though we don't call it that because a lot of them are Jehovah's Witnesses [who don't celebrate holidays or birthdays], so we're just like 'family reunion during the holidays'."

Paris' mother is Debbie Rowe, who Michael married in 1996 before going on to have two children together.

When they divorced, Debbie gave up custody and Paris and brother Prince went to live with Michael full-time.

Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson in 1997.

Paris grew up without her mother, who didn't come into her life until she was 15.

Speaking about her relationship with Debbie now, Paris explained: "It's cool. I mean, getting to know her, seeing how similar we are, getting into what kind of music she likes - and she really likes country and folk."

Saying how she and her mum 'look a lot alike', Paris added: "It's just cool having her as a friend. It's very chilled, which I love."

Featured Image Credit: Red Table Talk/Facebook Watch

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