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What 'Living Ken Doll' Rodrigo Alves From 'CBB' Looked Like Before Surgery

What 'Living Ken Doll' Rodrigo Alves From 'CBB' Looked Like Before Surgery

A look at one of Celebrity Big Brother's most interesting contestants, Rodrigo Alves aka The Human Ken Doll and what he looked like before

Rachael Grealish

Rachael Grealish

Celebrity Big Brother has launched, and all eyes are on this year's contestants - one of the most complex and interesting celebs to enter the house must be Rodrigo Alves, otherwise known as the 'Living Ken Doll'.

Rodrigo is said to have gone through over 150 surgeries and spent an eye-watering £500,000 ($635,865) to achieve this look.

Question is, what did he look like before this radical transformation? And what procedures has he had done?

The 35-year-old former steward was once a handsome lad with a full-head of brown hair - in photos from his youth he looks almost unrecognisable in comparison to today.

The CCB contestant has gone through a whole range of cosmetic procedures including: botox, a nose job, lip fillers, a bum lift, and ab implants.

Along with hair implants and bleaching and wearing colour contacts, Rodrigo has even had four of his ribs removed.

This was purely a fashion choice for the star as he was sick of having to have his blazers altered - so the ribs had to go, in order for the clothing choices to fit better.

ITV/This Morning

He originally wanted six of his ribs removed - but a doctor deemed this too dangerous and refused to go ahead with the procedure.

Rodrigo, now with his tiny 20-inch-waist, said on the ITV show, This Morning, earlier this year: "I visited three different doctors - two in Europe and one in America. They said I can only do four. I chose the best doctor. I had the procedure. I'm very happy."

He has even kept the ribs in a container as an odd souvenir and wears a 'waist-trainer' corset to help keep his unique shape.

Rodrigo documents his life, and his surgeries, on his Instagram account where he has, a whopping 710,000 followers keeping up to date with his latest changes.

Obviously, not everyone is a fan of his radical changes and he receives numerous daily comments - but Rodrigo doesn't let them get him down.

He posted on Instagram, this week, saying: "Some People judge the unknown because they are afraid to open up their minds and broaden their Horizons, be true to yourself, Do what makes you happy, and follow your fluidity."

Fans of CBB are eager to see how Rodrigo will cope on the Channel 5 reality show, due to his pricey food requirements and lifestyle.


He told The Sun: "Hopefully Big Brother will be fair on me. I have set my request, which has been written in my contract, that I'm going to get what I need."

It's reported that he won't drink anything but Champagne, Prosecco or Cava.

Rodrigo entered the Celebrity Big Brother house on the launch night along with fellow stars including Roxanne Pallet, Gabby Allen, Kirstie Alley and Ryan Thomas.

Featured Image Credit: Barcroft

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