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John Wick Director Reveals TV Spin-Off Will Be Titled The Continental

John Wick Director Reveals TV Spin-Off Will Be Titled The Continental

The director of the John Wick franchise has given us more info about upcoming stuff that will keep you gun-fu enthusiasts satisfied.

Chad Stahelski has already confirmed there'll be a TV spin-off from the movie series, but in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he revealed that work has already started on them - and that lead actor Keanu Reeves is involved in the creative process.

What's more, it's going to be titled The Continental.


"They have a writers' room working on it right now, trying to develop the first season," said Stahelski.

"Keanu and I have sat with that creative element, and laid out what we feel makes John Wick special, and what would make the TV show unique. Now, it will be a round of back-and-forths. But, yeah, Lionsgate is in actual full development of it and it's called The Continental. It should be fun."

Although, despite the fact John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, which was released on 17 May, was expected to earn $35-40 million over its first weekend, Stahelski is humble as they come. He explained that they had no idea it would be as successful as it has been.

"I can't tell you enough about how amazed we are by everything," he said.


"We did the first one, and my co-director at the time Dave Leitch, we finished the movie, watched the first cut, and we were already looking for second unit jobs.

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John Wick Spin-Off Series The Continental Will Air After Fourth Movie

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"The second one, me and Keanu watched, and went, 'We got a little weird on this one. We're never going to work again.'

"And it did well. This one, I'm already starting to look for janitorial jobs."

Credit: Lionsgate
Credit: Lionsgate

Well, I think you're gonna be alright, to be honest, Chad, seeing as at the time of writing it's grossed over $57 million already.

And it sounds like John Wick: Chapter 4 is already in the works too. In a Reddit AMA, when asked about which was the hardest movie to make, the filmmaker let slip that it's in the pipeline.

He said: "[The first one] was difficult because we didn't understand what we wanted to do," he said during the Reddit session.


"Number 2, we had to map up a whole world we didn't think of before. [Chapter 3], how do we expand and get the audience something creative, not just bigger and cooler? Number 4, I'm certain, will be more difficult."

Looks like there's no stopping this guy.

Featured Image Credit: Lionsgate

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