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106-Year-Old Man Celebrates Birthday By Becoming Oldest Man To Ride A Zip Wire

106-Year-Old Man Celebrates Birthday By Becoming Oldest Man To Ride A Zip Wire

Daredevil, Jack Reynolds, celebrated his 106th birthday by breaking another Guiness World Record

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Oldest person to take on the ice bucket challenge? Done it, mate. Oldest person to get a tattoo? Smashed it. Oldest person to ride a roller coaster? All over it.

Now, Jack Reynolds has completed his third Guinness World Record. What is it this time, you ask? He's only gone and thrown himself down a zip wire at the age of 106.

It was a 60-metre high, 400-metre long piece of material with a top speed of 40mph. Might not seem a lot but let's see if you're doing that when you've reached the age of more than a century.

The daredevil broke this new record live on Good Morning Britain - well, may as well do it on live telly, eh?

And the OAP from Derbyshire didn't do it just for shits and gigs. Oh no, he did it for charity (as if he couldn't get any more LAD-like), completing the amazing task to raise money for the Stroke Association.

ITV/Good Morning Britain

As previously mentioned, this isn't the first record Jack has broken. At 105 he rode on a rollercoaster - my grandma won't get on the teacups and she's got 20 years on this legend.

If you were curious about the tattoo, he had it done aged 104. He had his nickname 'Jacko' inscribed - as if we couldn't love him any more.

When he took on the zip wire he looked pretty chilled out, and as he flew through a forest he visible sucked in the fresh air. Go on Jack, LAD. He bloody loved it.

ITV/Good Morning Britain

On his landing, with his hair rather windswept, he let out a little giggle. Speaking to Good Morning Britain he said: "That speaks for itself" as he held his thumb up.

He added that it's been different to his other birthday challenges but 'better'.

He continued: "It's been a really good day today. Lovely. It's been worth coming for."

ITV/Good Morning Britain

Jack's nervous daughter, Jayne Goodwin, had gone to watch him, she said: "God, I'm a nervous wreck, he's absolutely incredible. In fact, I think he's indestructible."

Passing Jack the certificate he left the comfort of him home for, a representative from Guinness told him: "Jack, this is the third birthday I've spent with you and this is the most impressive yet. You never fail to impress."

People were clearly amazing by what Jack had done. On social media, one person commented: "I'm half his age and I could never do that. Respect to you, Jack, you're amazing."

Another said: "Ahh Jack, I love seeing what he does for his birthday every year. Go on Jack."

Congratulations Jack - now to start planning for your 107th...

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain

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