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Viewers Spot Connection Between Joe From You And Ted Bundy

Viewers Spot Connection Between Joe From You And Ted Bundy

Joe certainly does seem to have a fair bit in common with the infamous killer

Serial killers are all the rage at the moment, which is a bit of a shame really... Crazy Frog seems relatively harmless by comparison.

Netflix has been at the forefront of the trend, producing numerous popular killer-based projects.

Among the most popular have been psychological thriller, You, and docu-series Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes.

Inevitably, there's quite a large crossover of viewers of the two programmes, and some of these have noticed a connection between Bundy and You protagonist, Joe.

Nope, it's not that they're both killers. Nope, it's not that they're both regrettably attractive. Nope, it's not that they're both uncomfortably charming. It's something a little more subtle.

You may have noticed in the Bundy-based documentary that his wife, Carole Boone, referred to the killer as 'Bunny' - the same nickname Candace refers to Joe by in You.

Coincidental pet names? Or are the creators of the show trying to discreetly let on that Joe's similarities to Bundy are no accident?

Viewers have spotted a connection between Joe and Ted Bundy.

The connection has been discussed by fans of the shows on Reddit.

User, KristaMarie95, brought up the point, saying: "I was watching the new Ted Bundy documentary on Netflix and something really stuck out to me. Apparently Carol Boone, his advocate and wife, called Ted 'Bunny'.

"This reminded me of all the times we hear Candace [from You] call [sic] Joe 'Bunny' in the show. This could be a coincidence but I thought it was an interesting connection."

In the discussion that followed, it transpired that other viewers had also made the connection.

One person said: "Joe gave me Bundy vibes as soon I started watching the show. An iconic car, messy brown hair, good looking, charming, intelligent. Maybe they purposely painted him that way, took inspo."

Another speculated that the link could be mirrored in the narrative of You.

They said: "I also watched the Ted Bundy Tapes and seen that! But she was obsessed with him and didn't believe he would do anything evil and even testified in his defence? Wonder if Candace will come back and try save him?!"

Netflix recently urged viewers not to romanticise Bundy, after people took to social media to share their odd fancying of the killer.

The supposed 'hotness' of the killer has been brought under the microscope further, amid concerns that casting Zac Efron as the murder in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile could lead people get the hots for him.

Efron has since defended his portrayal, saying it was the 'psychological' aspect of the film that appealed to him.

To be fair, he is just as ripped in Baywatch, so watch that if you want to drool over him, you weirdos.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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