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Ubisoft Gives A Glimpse Of What Looks Like The Teaser Trailer For New ‘Far Cry’ Game

Ubisoft Gives A Glimpse Of What Looks Like The Teaser Trailer For New ‘Far Cry’ Game

From what we can gather, this time round we’re getting a bit of a post-apocalyptic vibe

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Ubisoft has treated the gaming community to what looks like a new teaser trailer for Far Cry, tweeting the clip along with the slightly elusive caption: "Tune into the Game Awards for the world premiere of the next Far Cry."

From what we can gather, this time round we're getting a bit of a post-apocalyptic vibe, with the narrator gruffly telling us: "None of us were ready for the end. The flames devoured everything. And when death rolled through our valley, our world turned cold and dark. The years of rain, the howling winds, gave way to blue skies, and a new world in bloom. We felt hope. We were wrong."

That suggests that maybe we can expect post-nuclear apocalypse Montana for our next installment, with many gamers speculating it'll be a follow-on from Far Cry 5.

"Looks like its continuing straight after fc5?" one person wrote on Twitter.

"Looks like a sequel to Far cry 5," a second said.

Another pondered: "I see this being a big expansion for Far Cry 5 or a spinoff standalone title that continues the story of FC5 but takes place somewhere else."

Far Cry 5 took place in Hope County - a fictional region in Montana, USA - and revolved around a doomsday cult known as the Project at Eden's Gate, which was ruled by leader Joseph Seed.

It'll be a tough act to follow, given that it became the fastest-selling title of the hugely popular franchise, grossing over $310 million in its first week of sales alone.

Some fans aren't convinced they're ready for a follow-up to the fifth game, with many saying it's 'too soon' for the next installment.

One tweeted: "Big fan of the @FarCrygame series but 5 was not that good (mainly bc most of the missions were go find these lighters, bobble heads, etc.) Or if u get too many resistence points u end up skipping missions. Maybe take it slow and dont drop another 1 so soon #Feels."

Another said: "They pump these things out like candy."

A thid added: "Wow. I'm impressed by how Ubisoft pumps their games out like a factory. It's so fast.... And it's always the same stuff over and over again. Hopefully, this will be good."

Well, all will be revealed when Ubisoft releases the official 'world premiere' of the next Far Cry at the forthcoming Game Awards on Thursday 6 December, so we haven't got long to wait for all those answers...

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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