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People Have Been Singing A Blink-182 Lyric Wrong And Only Just Realised

People Have Been Singing A Blink-182 Lyric Wrong And Only Just Realised

There are loads of song lyrics in the world that none of us actually bother to learn - mostly because when we're belting them out on karaoke at 3am, after several vodka and cokes, it doesn't really matter, does it? It all just becomes one big slur, and that's okay.


But then there are some songs that you're absolutely convinced you're singing accurately, only to later find out that you are so, so wrong.

Enter Blink-182's Matt Hoppus, who's reminded us how we should be singing along to the band's 1999 hit 'What's My Age Again?'.

That's right, while many of us thought the line was 'I walk alone to get the feeling right' - which in hindsight makes no sense whatsoever - it's actually 'I wore COLOGNE to get the feeling right'.

You know, a nice spritz of cologne, because that always gets you feeling good, doesn't it?


Thankfully, if you're someone who's been getting this lyric wrong all these years, you're definitely not alone, as many others took to Twitter to bask in the revelation.

"When I first heard what's my age again, way back, I genuinely thought mark sang 'I walk alone, to get the feeling right'," one person tweeted.

"I always used to think it was walk alone to get the feeling right," another wrote.

"Dude same," someone else replied.

A fourth said: "Sorry but you're actually gonna walk alone to get to feeling right."

Someone else added: "I ALWAYS THOUGHT THE LYRICS WERE 'we walked alone to get the feelin right."

Oh, and then another person thought it was something else altogether, admitting: "STOP WHY DID I THINK IT WAS 'I WALK ALONG'?"

While some people advised him not to forget to take off his pants or turn on the TV, as per the lyrics from the same verse, others pointed out he'd got the day wrong - as it wasn't a Friday night.

"But it's Sunday," one said.

Another chipped in: "You're tweeting this on a Sunday. You've changed Mark."

Hoppus followed up the original tweet with another, which said anyone who didn't know the words was a 'Fake Fan'.

I mean, fair dos.

Let's maybe save the whole 'How do you even pronounce Blink-182 anyway' debate for another day, seeing as Americans call them Blink-One-Eighty-Two, while Brits go for Blink-One-Eight-Two... And I bet there's someone out there that prefers Blink-One-Hundred-And-Eighty-Two, I BET YOU.

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