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Changing Rooms Has Fans In Hysterics Over Bizarre Wall Of Hair

Changing Rooms Has Fans In Hysterics Over Bizarre Wall Of Hair

The DIY show is back and it's as bonkers as ever

Simon Catling

Simon Catling

Changing Rooms made its long-awaited return to Channel 4 last night and it's clear that the reboot hasn't missed a step since its turn-of-the-millennium heyday, as viewers' minds were blown by the simple addition of a wall of... hair...?!?

The show's format remains the same as it did in its original run: two couples swap houses and do up a room in each other's home, with the others clueless as to what they can expect when they return.

Invariably people seem happy enough with the makeovers, but there've been more than a few tears and tantrums along the way.

Channel 4

What rarely helps - although it often makes for great TV - are the interventions of designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. A man known for his flamboyant taste, his suggestions are often a little more outlandish than your average two-bed terrace or semi-detached homeowner in Britain would normally go for.

He was back again last night for the revival and he was joined by new host Anna Richardson and fellow designers Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead.

The troupe headed to Swansea, where they gave homeowner Lisa a section of wall that had long blonde hair hanging from it.

Channel 4

It's not a look we think we've ever seen before anywhere, and neither had poor Lisa, who uncertainly observed: "It's not that I don't like it

"I just would never think of putting hair on a... thing."

We're not sure we would either to be fair, Lisa. Maybe on our head or on our body but ideally it would kind of already be growing there...

Viewers were absolutely delighted with the hair wall, however, and quickly took to social media to share their admittedly backhanded - or is it backcombed? - praise.

"God i am so glad Changing Rooms is back look at what a chaotic mess this wall of hair is that's been created" tweeted one person.

"Somebody killed Cousin Itt and mounted it on the wall," added another, referencing the Addams Family character who's made of hair.

A third wrote: "Watching the new Changing Rooms and they're making a hair wall. This is incredible. Awful. The worst thing ever. I love it."

Someone else commented: "Ahh it's good to have Changing Rooms back. One episode in and one room has a sex swing and the other a wall of human hair."

The revamped Changing Rooms will run for six episodes on Channel 4 and is the first series return for the show since 2003 ended a seven year run hosted by Carole Smiley.

Initially Davina McCall was scheduled to host the returning show alongside Llewelyn-Bowen, but due to scheduling conflicts her place was taken by Richardson.

That delayed filming a little, but with the show finally here it's a relief to see that it's lost none of it madness. Just don't expect us to invite them round to sort out our living room decor anytime soon.

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Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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