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Composer Danny Elfman Thinks The Simpsons Is Coming To An End

Composer Danny Elfman Thinks The Simpsons Is Coming To An End

The composer said that he thinks it'll end after the current run

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

The world's longest running and most successful cartoon show, The Simpsons, could be set to end within a year, according to composer Danny Elfman.

Elfman wrote the iconic Simpsons theme tune, as well as helping to score many successful films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Sleepy Hollow and Edward Scissorhands.

However, the 66-year-old reckons that the time is up for Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.

He told JOE: "Well, from what I've heard, it is coming to an end.

"I don't know for a fact, but I've heard that it will be in its last year."

Danny Elfman.

That could mean that for the first time since 1989, there won't be any new episodes of The Simpsons for fans to get stuck into.

To be fair, that might come as blessed relief for some fans. In fact, there is a wide school of thought that suggests that the show lost direction some years ago.

There are now, according to those fans, many more bad episodes of The Simpsons than there ever have been good ones.

Whatever you think of the show in the current time, it still retains a faithful audience and has no doubt been an unqualified success over the course of the last 30 years.

Well, as long as you're measuring success on the amount of money that it has made, anyway.

Elfman wrote The Simpsons' iconic theme tune.
20th Century Fox

Elfman went on to express his surprise at the show's popularity. He continued: "All I can say is that I'm so flabbergasted and amazed that it has lasted as long as it did.

"You have to realise, when I scored The Simpsons, I wrote this crazy piece of music, and I expected no one would hear it, because I really did not think the show had a chance in hell.

"Really, I expected it would run for three episodes and get cancelled, and that would be that, because it was so weird at the time, and I just didn't think it had a chance. So believe me, that is one of the truly big surprises in my life."

Is this goodbye to The Simpsons?
20th Century Fox

Well, that was something of an underestimation. The show just began a 31st season and is now the longest running animated show of all time.

Not bad, given those humble beginnings.

As for Elfman, he's headed off to Ireland for a live performances of the iconic Christmas/Halloween animation The Nightmare Before Christmas.

If that sort of thing appeals to you, there are tickets available for the event at the 3Arena here.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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