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Otis' House In Sex Education Will Soon Be Available To Rent

Otis' House In Sex Education Will Soon Be Available To Rent

The property that plays home to Otis and Jean Milburn is not only a real place, it’s also one that you’ll soon be able to rent out

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

While Sex Education is nothing short of absolutely brilliant for many reasons - its incredible script, the talented young cast, its fresh and frank treatment of sexuality and relationships - I think we can all agree that one of its strongest features is its stunning setting.

Filmed in various locations near the Welsh-English border, including the Wye Valley and Newport, our protagonist Otis is given a lush, idyllic dreamworld to play out his teenage dramas.

As he and best mate Eric cycle happily through the woods to school, it feels like it's forever summer in their little paradise, and it's a lifestyle we all envy.

Don't you just wish you could eat breakfast out on that beautiful terrace with the Milburns? Looks like they put on a good pot of coffee for starters.

Well, soon you will be able to do precisely that - minus Gillian Anderson and Asa Butterfield, I'm afraid, but still with panoramic riverside vistas aplenty.

The property that plays home to Otis and Jean Milburn is not only a real place, it's also one that you'll soon be able to rent out as a holiday house.


It's actually a huge chalet situated in Symonds Yat, a village that sits in the heart of the Wye Valley, Herefordshire.

The Chalet, as it's aptly called, is a five-bedroom house sleeping 10, and will soon be available to rent out as holiday accommodation.


Owner Stuart Morgan told LADbible that it still needs a 'bit of maintenance to sort out' before it's ready for the rental market - being a massive wooden house and all.

Morgan originally lived in The Chalet before it became a holiday rental, then became home to tenants.


But now it's opening its doors to the public once again, following on from its starring role in the popular Netflix series.

So when exactly can we book ourselves in?

"Hopefully by Easter," he told LADbible, adding that the reaction to the property's debut in Sex Education has been 'pretty mad'.

"[We've had] hundreds of enquiries from around the world," Morgan said.

Not bad for a view, eh?

According to The Chalet's website, the building is a 100-year-old Norwegian wooden house that is 'perfectly placed as a base for the adventurous looking for an energetic holiday exploring the stunning Wye Valley and Forest of Dean'.

Morgan also explained that there's a 'great pub' at the bottom of the garden called The Saracens Head, along with canoeing, rock climbing and hiking all on the door step.

Sounds bloody perfect to me.

Check out the website for more details, or head on over to Instagram to browse some photos.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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