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TV Presenter Covering Lottery Results Finds Out Live On Air She's Won Prize

TV Presenter Covering Lottery Results Finds Out Live On Air She's Won Prize

She announces to the hosts: "I'm not coming into work tomorrow"

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

A TV presenter found out that she had won part of the Spanish Christmas Lottery live on air and told the camera: "I'm not going [to work] tomorrow".

Natalia Escudero, a reporter for RTVE, celebrated on the telly surrounded by strangers as she discovered that she had bagged a tenth of the prize money - getting her 5,000 euros (£4,260/$5,540). Not a bad day in the office then, eh?

The extraordinary draw was help on 22 December at the Teatro Real de Madrid where Natalia was covering news of the winners of 'El Gordo' - the Spanish lottery.

According to El Español, she told the camera: "Hey, I have a tenth, that this is no joke, that I do many events. When I came here I bought one," before adding: "Tomorrow I don't go. Natalia, I don't work tomorrow." Can't say we blame her.

She then proceeded to burst into celebrations in the video which has since gone viral on Twitter.

Natalia celebrated her win.

Responding to the video, one person wrote: "Your reporter is one more person, normal and ordinary, hardworking and living from her [sic] effort, to which she has touched the fat and she is overwhelmed with emotion and joy, in no case is she less professional for it, simply one more graceful. I'm glad for her. Congratulations Natalia!"

Another added: "How much emotion! Very nice this moment, it must be amazing. And I'm glad although I have not touched anything, hopefully and has reached many people who really need it."

A third commented: "Congratulations to the reporter. Joy that is spread, glad to see happy people."

Steve Thomson and his wife won £105 million.

One person who certainly didn't want to pack in work was Steve Thomson who bagged a cool £105 million ($138m) on the EuroMillions and instead of taking a break from the daily grind he opted to do jobs for people - for free.

The builder apparently refused to accept payment from a neighbour because he wanted her to keep her money for Christmas. What a LAD.

The 42-year-old, who wanted to carry on working to 'stay normal' following the record EuroMillion jackpot win, returned to his customers house in order to finish installing a conservatory.

The customer, who wished to remain anonymous said: "He didn't charge. It shows he's a top bloke, a decent man.

"We didn't ask him about the win because he's probably had enough of talking about it. I think it's quite nice for him to be able to work still because it takes his mind off the pressures of what to do with the money."

Featured Image Credit: RTVE

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