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Man Adds Former Girlfriends To Group Chat And Wishes Them Merry 'Ex-Mas'

Man Adds Former Girlfriends To Group Chat And Wishes Them Merry 'Ex-Mas'

What an ending.



If you've ever wondered what it would be like to get all your exes together in one place, one bloke might have provided you with the answer.

The brave man goes by the name of Tom, and he added four women to a WhatsApp group chat on Christmas Day last year after downing one too many bevies.

As you might imagine, getting Gemma, Bella, Steph and Lisa together proved pretty chaotic and they gave their former boyfriend a piece of their minds.

Here's how it all started off...

He started the conversation by saying: "Merry Christmas girls I just thought you might want to share some memories of me with each other as am lonely this year and miss the lot of ya. [sic]

"I just thought I wanna get you all together in a group and say thanks for spending parts of your life with me even if it was a long time or a short time Bella lol."

Ex Gemma immediately sussed him out and asked whether he'd been drinking and found the rest of the conversation hilarious.

However, it didn't sit as well with former flame Bella, who replied: "Fuck off Tom, seriously. You really are a fucking disgusting prick."

Then Lisa left the conversation without so much as a word, prompting Tom to write: "LISA DON'T GO LOL".

It continued from there...

Bella then said: "Do you really think this is funny? Putting me in a group with a girl I know you fucking slept with while we were together?!"

Steph, the 'girl' she's speaking about, then defends herself by hitting her up with the info that Tom told her they weren't together at the time.

Bella responded: "We were together 'pet' and Tom just lied to you like he does to everyone. He's a fucking pig."

Their ex-boyfriend then wades back in to the chaos by claiming they weren't together at the time after he sent a message saying it was over. Bella then points out it was sent over Facebook, which she claimed to never check.

The squabbling continues for around 10 more minutes before both Steph and Bella leave the group chat.

Tom is left with just Gemma, who he was with when they were at school, prompting him to spark up a more light-hearted conversation.

He said: "Well that went well. How's things Gem? Fancy a drink?"

She replied: "I was a bit shit until this convo - my nan passed away just before Christmas so I could do with a drink" When do you fancy it? xx."

Looks like Tom found himself a happy ending.

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