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Who Are Family Fizz On TikTok And Why Are They Controversial?

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Who Are Family Fizz On TikTok And Why Are They Controversial?

Family Fizz is another TikTok success story with their millions of followers and lucrative influencer lifestyle. But who exactly are they and why are they the source of controversy with fans?

Who are Family Fizz?

Family Fizz is one of the biggest families on the internet. Their YouTube channel Family Fizz started out as a fitness channel which promoted veganism, but soon evolved into a fully fledged family vlogging channel.

Darren, Georgie and their four children: Mia, Sienna, Karma and Koa Fizz have been creating YouTube videos since June 2014 and have 2.34 million subscribers on the platform. They post vlogs about their life and what they get upto as a family, their travels, as well as dance routines and funny videos. The entire family is also vegan and they talk a lot about that too.


"We're class clowns with big hearts and we like to entertain and inspire, so on our channel you can expect lots of fun and laughter, sometimes a little craziness, but always lots of good vibes!" it says in the description of their YouTube channel.

"We love doing silly challenges, tricking each other with crazy pranks, and travelling while trying new adventures.

"Our ethos is to 'Treasure Others, Be Yourself. 'as long as you're not hurting anyone, we think life's too short to conform, so just be you! TOBY!"


The family later started sharing content on their TikTok account, which now has more than 264,000 followers.

Darren and Georgie Fizz are both marathon runners turned vegan fitness vloggers. In 2019, the family moved to Dubai where they said there was plenty of sunshine and opportunities to create content. Darren and Georgie are keen travellers and take their kids all around the world with them.

Georgie had her daughter Mia when she was only 16-years-old with her boyfriend at the time who, it's reported, was a drug addict. Georgie herself struggled with drug and alcohol addiction at that time. Determined to make a fresh start, Georgie separated from Mia's biological father and raised Mia alone until she met Darren. She and Darren went on to have three children together and got engaged after the birth of Sienna, their first daughter together.


Why are they controversial?

Despite Georgie's history with drugs, the family has been a source of controversy for some fans who question some of Georgie and Darren's parenting decisions.

Some of the family's followers got involved in a big debate on Tattle.life about whether Sienna should still be sharing a bath with her mother at the age of nine. While some didn't see the harm in it, others said it was inappropriate.

Mia Fizz and her mum, Georgie Fizz. (Credit: Instagram/@familyfizz)
Mia Fizz and her mum, Georgie Fizz. (Credit: Instagram/@familyfizz)

Another source of controversy surrounds the Fizz's oldest daughter, Mia. According to fans, Georgie has said that Mia won't be taking her GCSEs because she doesn't need them. One of the family's followers reported on Tattle that Mia has said she doesn't need GCSEs because she'd only need them if she worked for somebody else one day, which she doesn't plan on doing with such a successful career as an influencer. But many agreed that she doesn't know what might happen down the line and have judged Georgie for not pushing her daughter to do her GCSEs.

Some fans were also outraged that Darren was discussing Mia's sex life. Darren has said in a video that Mia, 16, won't be allowed to have sex until she's 18 because it will "ruin her life." Fans on the gossip forum have accused Darren of being overprotective and setting Mia up for a rebellion against her parents if he is too strict with her.



Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@familyfizz

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Laura Sanders
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