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Dad Buys Daughter 'Worst Xmas Gift Ever' And Her Reaction Is Brilliant

Dad Buys Daughter 'Worst Xmas Gift Ever' And Her Reaction Is Brilliant

One of the worst things about Christmas is undoubtedly the fear of a gift not being well received - particularly by the p***k in your family who doesn't even try to hide their disappointment.

But one dad from Los Angeles, USA, deliberately tried to illicit an unhappy response from his daughter Aria by giving her 'the worst Xmas gift ever'.

However, the cheeky dad's plan to film her having a tantrum did not go as expected.


In the video, Aria can be seen eagerly unwrapping her present while sat next to her mum on the sofa. But as she realises the gift is nothing more than a banana - a fruit which generally sells for about 10 to 15p - she doesn't throw it back in the face of her p***taking father.

To the contrary, Aria giddily screams 'banana!' before handing it to her mum to peel. Kicking her legs with excitement, the grateful little tot declares she is 'happy' before munching into her prank gift.

Now that right there is the child of parental dreams. No doubt tomorrow there will be spoilt little brats across the planet bemoaning their parents for getting them the wrong coloured diamond-encrusted pony, but not Aria - give her a couple of grapes and she'll be over the moon.

Aria has warmed Christmas hearts. Credit: Twitter/@iamlgndfrvr
Aria has warmed Christmas hearts. Credit: Twitter/@iamlgndfrvr

The video of Aria's sweet reaction to the prank has been viewed 23.9 million times on Twitter and liked 1.5 million times.

Judging from the comments, it seems Aria has warmed a lot of hearts this Christmas.

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One person said: "The Grinch's heart grew three sizes that day."

Another added: "She's soooo happy, this is the most heartfelt video I've ever seen. The purity of her little spirit. Thank you for sharing."


A third added: "This is the most wholesome thing I've ever seen."

But while this frugal present was just a harmless little joke, for one grandma from Filey, North Yorkshire, watching the purse-strings at Christmas is no laughing matter.

Hayley Garbutt charges her family members £35 ($45) for Christmas dinner, which is actually more than enough to cover her costs. The 52-year-old will make a tidy profit, having taken in £420 ($540) from 12 family members and having only spent £300 ($390) on the shopping.

Justifying her Christmas dinner price, she said: "I get all of my family to put in before I go and do the shop. This year I spent £300 online at Morrisons, doing the big shop and making sure I had a variety of things in.


"But it's not that I'm being tight - it means I get to spend more in other aspects then too, like presents. This year the tree has so many presents stacked around it, that you can't even see it.

"My fridge is absolutely packed and I've got all sorts of different meats in, from beef, to turkey, pork and chicken.

"In truth, I'd probably say my family are spoilt at Christmas - but that's part of the fun of it."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@iamlgndfrvr

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