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There's Facebook Page Dedicated To People Who Hate Coriander And Has Nearly 220,000 Members

Stewart Perrie

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There's Facebook Page Dedicated To People Who Hate Coriander And Has Nearly 220,000 Members

It's perhaps one of the most divisive topics this country has seen since the whole 'Onions on the Bottom or Top', yet the big debate around coriander is one that might never be solved.

There are loads of restaurants and home-chefs who chuck in the herb to add a delicious nuance to our curries and soups. However there are also some people who think it's a green slice of hell.

Look at that topping. Credit: PA
Look at that topping. Credit: PA

Thankfully in this day and age, like-minded people are able to come together, talk about their shared interests and dislikes. That couldn't be more relevant than for the people who have joined the I Hate Coriander page on Facebook.

Boasting a cheeky 218,000 members, its strong following proves some people really, really despise coriander.

I Hate Coriander does exactly what it says on the tin: it's filled with people slagging off the herb; from hate-filled memes to selfies giving fields of coriander the middle finger, and even a 'fuck coriander' tattoo.

Now that's some serious dedication to hatred.

The founder of the group, Jack Bailey from Sydney, Australia, has since gone on to start selling merchandise to enable his followers to truly express their feelings to the public.

Items from the collection include tees (costing $29.95), hoodies ($44.95), vinyl stickers ($10) and bottle openers ($6.95).

If you're interested in why coriander causes such controversy with some people, research suggests genetics is a likely culprit. 23andMe, the largest genetic testing company, surveyed 50,000 people asking their thoughts on coriander and the results were pretty interesting.

Credit: I Hate Coriander/Facebook
Credit: I Hate Coriander/Facebook

When comparing the DNA of coriander haters to coriander lovers, the researchers found a gene thought to be associated with those than found it soapy-tasting.

"Cilantro's aromatic qualities primarily depend on a group of compounds known as aldehydes," the report stated. "One type of aldehyde has been described as being 'fruity' and 'green' and another type as being 'soapy' and 'pungent'.

"One of the eight genes near the SNP we identified codes for a receptor called OR6A2, which is known to detect aldehydes such as those found in cilantro."

There's even some evidence to suggest corianderphobes can get over their aversion to it if they repeatedly eat the stuff, though we doubt they'll be lining up to take this on.

Featured Image Credit: Sunchild57 Photography. Taking a break/Creative Commons

Topics: Viral, Food, Community, Australia

Stewart Perrie
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