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Woman Shares Photos Of How Different Her Body Looks Before And After Eating

Rebecca Shepherd

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Woman Shares Photos Of How Different Her Body Looks Before And After Eating

Social media can be a refreshing place sometimes and even more so if you're taking in the right content. On that note, let us introduce you to Clara Guillem who has been sharing clips of how much her body changes after eating... because it's normal:


Clara has been posting to her Instagram and TikTok accounts in an attempt to ensure her followers are feeling more confident in their bodies and to encourage people to have a better relationship with food.

In some of her videos, the 24-year-old can be seen showing off her outfits prior to eating before cutting to how she looks following a full day of eating - or nourishing her body.


Instead of saying anything negative or derogatory, she will instead opt for phrases such as: "Food can be so enjoyable but, ultimately, it's there to serve your body a purpose."

Or she will explain: "I hope you are all starting to hear my voice in the back of your head after you see how well you nourished your bodies instead of all that negative self talk."

In another clip, she goes on to say that her appearance is the 'least interesting' thing about her, adding: "I have so many other amazing qualities, but those are suppressed when I'm hangry."


Many of Clara's TikTok videos generate millions of views and thousands of comments from people thanking her for normalising things such as bloating after eating and bloating during menstruation.

In one of the comments, someone said: "These are my favourite videos. I haven't felt self conscious about my bloating for weeks now because of these."

Another added: "Your videos inspired me to eat properly again. Whenever I feel bloated or bad I just remember I'm nourishing myself. Thank you for the vids."

A third wrote: "You're right. I am starting to hear your words at the end of the day when I feel like I've gained ten pounds as if that makes me less worthy of love."


Speaking about the reaction to her before and after eating videos, Clara told BuzzFeed: "The positive responses from this series have been overwhelming.

"There are a lot of conversations happening about body image/disordered eating, but I think a lot of people felt alone in the notion that bloating was one of the driving forces behind restricting (or purging)."

Clara went on to open up about her past struggles with an eating disorder and knows first hand just how detrimental it can be.


She told the publication: "I suffered from anorexia, which was perpetuated by the idea that if I DID eat something before an event/pictures/being in a bikini, I would look bloated.

"In reality, there was an 'event' every day that allowed my symptoms to progress. It took a really long time for me to start respecting my body, and the respect came before the confidence.

"At first I was like, 'Alright, my body deserves to be nourished and taken care of', but it wasn't until a while later that the dialogue turned to, 'Wow, my body looks and feels amazing!'"

You can follow Clara on Instagram here and TikTok here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/claraandherself

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Rebecca Shepherd
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