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Woman Shares Bizarre 'Hack' To Make Ice Cream In The Toilet

Tom Wood

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Woman Shares Bizarre 'Hack' To Make Ice Cream In The Toilet

Would you eat ice cream if you knew it was made in someone's toilet? Well, if you answered no, you're probably best off not visiting the house of the woman in this video. Watch:


In the viral video, a woman has clearly filled her toilet bowl up with ice, then dumps in a load of sweets and ice cream.

She throws in a bunch of Sour Patch Kids, Airheads bites, fruit punch and Sprite, and then flushes the toilet.

It sounds fantastic, and really interesting, until you factor in the fact that it is made inside an honest-to-God toilet.

As she flushes the loo, the fizzy pop submerges the sweets and the ice cream, creating a horrendous looking bathroom concoction which she then scoops up into glasses, apparently with the intention of serving it to people outside the bathroom.

Credit: Taylor Watson/Facebook
Credit: Taylor Watson/Facebook

Hopefully the process was explained to them before they agreed to eat it.

Actually, would that make it better or worse?

Naturally, the people who have seen the video on social media have been fairly quick to register their disgust.

One person said: "It went from worse to worser."

Another said: "Damn, this is pretty good, where did it come from?

"Her: The toilet."

Credit: Taylor Watson/Facebook
Credit: Taylor Watson/Facebook

Even musician Lil Nas X managed to chip in with his thoughts on the matter, writing: "Y'all can't sit here and pretend y'all wouldn't take a sip."

It's not exactly clear whether the ghastly dessert was eventually eaten by anyone, or whether or not the toilet is used for its primary function as well being used as an unorthodox ice cream maker, so let's just hope neither of those things are true.

Luckily, it seems as if there's a chance it could all just be a big joke.

According to Garbage Day's Ryan Broderick, the video was created by Taylor Watson, a musician who also appears to be part of a Facebook prank network.

The full three-minute long video was captioned: "DIY punch trick...great for parties!"

Credit: Taylor Watson/Facebook
Credit: Taylor Watson/Facebook

Those who left comments underneath the original post seemed equally as flabbergasted by the prank.

One person wrote: "This killed me cuz the two of them didn't bother to drink any themselves and served it up to their unsuspecting friends with a smile.

"We would NOT be friends after this at all!!!!! Nope!!! I feel a restraining order coming and a lawsuit for damages."

Yeah, maybe just get a few cartons of Ben & Jerry's in for the next party, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Taylor Watson/Facebook

Topics: Viral, Food, Food And Drink, Weird

Tom Wood
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