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​Courteney Cox Repeatedly Fails To Get Monica Geller On Friends Instagram Filter

​Courteney Cox Repeatedly Fails To Get Monica Geller On Friends Instagram Filter

It appeared to take the actor six attempts to reach her own character

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

All these Instagram filters doing the rounds can be pretty damning - making you believe that for 2020 you will be 'ALONE' or saying that if you were a Pokémon you'd be a Snorlax. It seems even Hollywood actors can't get it right, including Friends star Courteney Cox, who repeatedly failed to get Monica Geller on the Friends Instagram filter.

Cox thought she'd give the 'Which Friends character are you?' Instagram filter a whirl, no doubt expecting the algorithm would somehow magically know her famous past.

First the actor got Rachel, played in the series by Jennifer Aniston, and she looked pretty impressed with herself. After all, everyone wants to be Rachel.

Then Cox ended up with Ross, her on-screen brother portrayed by David Schwimmer, followed by Joey (Matt LeBlanc), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) and Monica's husband Chandler (Matthew Perry).

It wasn't until the sixth attempt that she finally landed on Monica, looking smug as the roulette wheel eventually spinned in her favour.

Courteney Cox/Instagram

Of course, each clip was edited separately, so we've no idea if she really did have to go through five other Friends characters before she reached her own; I'm feeling dubious.

Posting the clip on Instagram, Cox wrote: "Finally got Monica... Thought I was gonna be Ugly Naked Guy for sure! #identitycrisis."

Fellow A-lister Jennifer Garner commented: "I was really stressed until you were you."

Yesterday Cox's former co-star, Jennifer Aniston, also shared a selfie with the two of them and Lisa Kudrow, captioning the picture: "Hi from the girls across the hall."

Aniston only joined the Instagram world last October - and managed to practically break the internet when she posted her first photo: a poignant reunion snap of herself alongside her Friends pals Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer.

Aniston wrote: "And now we're Instagram FRIENDS too. HI INSTAGRAM."

And just like that, Jennifer Aniston went from having no Instagram presence whatsoever to the 24.1 million followers she has today.

The old gang clearly know how to work the crowd, as it's not the first time we've seen similar pictures of the crew back together.

Another from September, posted on Courteney Cox's Instagram, also showed that she, Aniston and Kudrow were still close when she revealed she'd spent her 55th birthday with them.

Posting a picture of them hanging out, she wrote: "How lucky am I to celebrate my birthday with these two??? I love you girls. So much."

Keep 'em coming, guys.

Featured Image Credit: PA/Courteney Cox/Instagram

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