Dan Bilzerian Reveals He Had Two Heart Attacks After Four Day Sesh

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Dan Bilzerian Reveals He Had Two Heart Attacks After Four Day Sesh

Dan Bilzerian has exactly hidden away from the fact that he likes to live his life in excess. If a party invite says bring a date, he'll take seven. If that same party says bring your own booze, he'll take a brewery along. And, of course, to arrive at the event in style, he'll buy something like a convertible limo helicopter.

He boasts his lavish lifestyle to his 22.6 million Instagram followers, but as we already know, what you see on social media usually isn't an accurate representation of reality.

This is the case for Bilzerian, who recently revealed that one heavy party session almost killed him.


Speaking to Graham Bensinger, he spoke of how his excessive use of cocaine and Viagra, as well as binge drinking over four days, resulted in two heart attacks.

At the time he was only 25, which goes to show just how much strain he was putting on his heart with the drugs.

He claims that he took six times the recommended dose of Viagra, a lot of cocaine, weed and drank for four days straight with about an hour's sleep. This led to a pain in his shoulder, which he shrugged off and decided to do press-ups to relieve.


When that didn't work and he started getting shortness of breath, he rang his mum and ended up at the hospital where doctors were allegedly reluctant to treat him.

Sure enough he'd suffered a heart attack, and following day had another one.

While lying in the hospital bed Bilzerian had to be honest with a doctor about what he'd been putting into his system, so in front of his mum, dad and girlfriend he admitted he'd done pot, coke and Viagra.


He claims the doctor was Conrad Murray, who would famously go on to be charged with involuntary manslaughter over the death of Michael Jackson, after he administered the singer with a lethal dose of propofol.

The health shock wasn't really a wake up call for Dan Bilz, who actually threw away the medication he was supposed to be on for life after a week. He was told by doctors that there was no problems with his heart and that the drugs are to blame for the attacks.

Because he survived the ordeal, which he was sure would be the death of him, he thought of himself as a 'bullet-proof tiger'.

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