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Former Playboy Bunny Reveals What Parties At Hugh Hefner's Mansion Were Like

Former Playboy Bunny Reveals What Parties At Hugh Hefner's Mansion Were Like

Aussie DJ Sarah Robertson lifts the lid on what happened behind closed doors, describing them as 'amazing, wild and crazy'...

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

There are some things or people on this planet where their reputation vastly exceeds reality. You might have met your idol only to find out they're a dickhead or finally visited that place you saw on Instagram only to see there's rubbish everywhere.

Thankfully, you can bank on one place where the rumours certainly don't seem exaggerated: The Playboy Mansion.

The huge property boasts 22 rooms, a booze cellar, games room, cinema, three zoos/aviaries, a pet cemetery, tennis and basketball courts, a gym, a pool with a waterfall and two 'well-established' forests. Standard.

It's been the epicentre of decadence, depravity and a shitload of good times thanks to the late Hugh Hefner. At their height, the parties were ridiculous, Gatbsy-esque revelries where anything could happen.

That's at least what former Playboy bunny, turned DJ Sarah Robertson found when she became a part of the iconic brand. The Aussie glamour model was scouted during a Playboy Golf event on the Gold Coast and was invited to 'bunny training' in Macau.

Sarah Robertson/Instagram

She had 24 hours to decide and three weeks to pack her things. Obviously, she said yes.

Once school was finished, Sarah found herself partying at the Mansion in Los Angeles.

She told LADbible: "Playboy Mansion parties are amazing, wild and crazy. There was so many famous people there - from Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, P Diddy, Jenny McCarthy, Snoop Dogg, Sir Richard Branson and astronaut Buzz Aldrin."

There's no indication as to how many wild events took place after Hugh Hefner moved in in 1971, but the biggest was always the Midsummer Night's Dream Party - held on the first Saturday of every August.

Sarah Robertson/Instagram

The late Playboy founder would also host charity events for groups like Karma Foundation and the Marijuana Policy Project, as well as put on fundraising nights to help research into autism.

Sarah, who also has more than a decade of classical violin training under her belt, told LADbible: "The nights may start off quite formal but by the end, people are going crazy.

"There's been naked girls in the grotto and people jumping into the pool in their suits as the night goes on - everyone has a lot of fun.

"The grounds are really big, and whether you go to the games room or red room, there's always a group of people partying in every corner or behind every door you open."

Sarah eventually worked her way up to DJing at some of the big nights at the Mansion and other Playboy events.

She added: "It's always surreal DJing at these parties - you never really know who is going to rock up.

"I'll just have someone come up to me behind the decks and say, 'Paris Hilton has just arrived', or 'P Diddy needs the mic'.

"Playboy definitely cemented my DJing career. I've been touring full time for six years thanks to the kick-start my career got from being a part of the Playboy family."

Sarah Robertson/Instagram

Sarah Robertson/Instagram

Unfortunately for anyone ever wanting to get a taste of this ridiculous action - it seems like those days at a thing of the past.

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner died last year and the mansion was purchased by an investor in 2016 who plans on joining it with the near identical, yet smaller, neighbouring property.

It's not yet clear whether owner Daren Metropoulos will transform the dual properties into something for everyone - or keep the whole 7.1 acres of land to himself.

Featured Image Credit: Sarah Robertson/Instagram

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