Megan Fox Recalls Time People Didn't Want Her 'On Camera' Because Of How She Looked

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Megan Fox Recalls Time People Didn't Want Her 'On Camera' Because Of How She Looked

Megan Fox has opened up about her experiences with pregnancy and people not wanting her on camera because of the way she looked.

The 34-year-old actor was promoting her new movie Till Death when she appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show and opened up about the pressures of being a working parent in Hollywood.

Speaking about her beliefs that motherhood is not respected in the industry, Megan said: "Especially like during the pregnancy part as well because you have to be on camera.


"So like, as an actor it's just very unforgiving because you can't be on camera once you're past a certain stage of pregnancy, it is like having a handicap where they don't want you on camera.

"Also, once you have the baby, it's like OK we're going to have to leave to nurse every two hours, that costs us money, now we're dealing with insurance and it becomes like this big thing.

"Hollywood is not adapted to women and us having lives and being moms."

Although Megan admits she doesn't have an answer or solution, she does have hope.


She said: "As more women rise up the ranks and are in control and in power then obviously those things will change.

"There's been a patriarchy for so long that the power has been in the hands of people who don't understand and haven't been made to understand that it makes sense that it played out this way."

When Kelly went on to ask about going back to work, Megan admitted it was tough.


She said: "I had to be on a TV show... the problem is in your brain you're like delivering and I'm like 'OK, well I've got to lose 30 pounds in eight weeks', and those things are really stressful and you're supposed to be bonding and nurturing yourself and nourishing your baby.

"That creates a lot of tension and a lot of stress and a lot of anxiety for us to go back to work too early and because so much of it is about how you look.

"What if, you know, I have melasma, I have acne from my pregnancy. Now I'm rushing into dermatologists to get all this fixed so I can be on camera.

"Those little things that people might not think about where normally you would want to just be hibernating with your child, you can't do that, you're juggling all these other things."


You can watch the full interview here.

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