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​Steve-O Just Completed The Bottle Cap Challenge Using His Penis

​Steve-O Just Completed The Bottle Cap Challenge Using His Penis

If you've been anywhere near the internet lately, you'll know the latest viral trend has involved a roundhouse kick to the lid of the bottle, expertly spinning it off with a flick from the foot - or, in this case, something else:


While managing to nail the so-called #BottleCapChallenge is a pretty big feat in itself - requiring a careful balance of precision, agility and force - it was only a matter of time before some of us started trying to up the ante a bit.

Kendall Jenner completed her attempt from a jet ski, while actor Zhao Wenzhuo decided to go for not one but THREE bottle caps.

Mariah Carey did it with her voice. Some rich dude did it with a neon car.

Then Steve-O came along.

Ever the non-conformist, the 45-year-old Jackass star chose to shun the theatrics of jet skis and wakeboards, and instead called on the assistance of something altogether simpler. Yep, his willy.


Posting a clip of his stunt to social media, he wrote: "Nothing but dick! #JustTheTip."

The bottle cap flew straight off. Credit: Steve-O/Twitter
The bottle cap flew straight off. Credit: Steve-O/Twitter

While some people found themselves asking what the hell they'd just witnessed, many fans congratulated Steve-O on the success of his unorthodox attempt.

"You win the #bottlecapchallenge well done sir," one Twitter user commented.

"Only Steve-o can get away with this," another wrote.

A third added: "This wins it all."

Someone else said: "You are really something else lmao."

Condom brand Trojan even piped up, offering the prankster some sage advice:

The challenge went viral among the celeb world after UFC fighter Max Holloway accepted the challenge from Errolson Hugh, before passing the baton on to John Mayor who, in turn, tagged Jason Statham.

You catch the drift, I'm sure.

Ellie Goulding later joined in to help show the blokes how it's done, writing on Instagram: "This challenge is way too much of a [sausage] fest for my liking."

Nominating the likes of Stella McCartney and Cara Delevingne to join the club, Goulding also took the opportunity to highlight the war on plastic, writing: "STOP USING PLASTIC BOTTLES SUCKERS."

Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds offered up the perfect example of the Instagram-vs-reality dilemma, sharing his very own Bottle Cap Challenge fail.

In the video, the actor takes on the challenge fearlessly, but the bottle of gin (his own brand, obvs) goes flying.

Sure, it's more of a publicity stunt for Aviation gin than a genuine attempt at the viral challenge, but also a firm reminder that even the A-listers aren't perfect.

Featured Image Credit: Steve-O/Twitter

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