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Uber Driver Turns Down Margot Robbie After She Asks Him To Party With Her And Her Husband

Uber Driver Turns Down Margot Robbie After She Asks Him To Party With Her And Her Husband

Uber driver Robert Bregnsdal was invited by the actress and her husband to a party but said no because he didn't actually think it was them.

Mischa Pearlmen

Mischa Pearlmen

While most Hollywood stars probably use private drivers to get places, there are stories of those who get around like the rest of us normal folk.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Keanu Reeves, for example, are often snapped riding the New York subway while some stars such as Matt Damon, LL Cool J and Courtney Cox have been spotted on planes.

Now, it appears that Suicide Squad and I, Tonya star Margot Robbie isn't afraid of using Uber to get around - at least when she's in Australia.

The 27 year-old actress - who used the name Sophia when ordering the Uber - and her British husband Tom Ackerley got a taxi with Uber while on the Gold Coast, which is where she's originally from.

Rather than keep to themselves, the couple were incredibly friendly and - according to The Gold Coast Bulletin ­- invited their driver, Robert Bregnsdal, to a party with them.

Credit: PA

He wrote on social media: "Swear to God I just Ubered Margot Robbie ... that or she has a twin."

Later, when he spoke to the paper, he said the pair had been incredibly chatty on the drive from Carrara to Mermaid Beach, which led him to assume they weren't actually famous because famous people aren't that nice or down-to-earth. Which is a fair assumption to make.

"After [the drive] she invited me to come to the house party I said no 'cause I was going to see Star Wars with the boys," he told the paper.

He then added: "Her husband kind of chuckled like 'Ha ha, you don't realise who we are'."

Credit: PA

It was a bit later that the regret kicked in, when he realised they were famous after all and he could have had the story of his life to tell about partying with Harley Quinn and her fella.

"Afterwards I was like FML," he told the paper.

Credit: PA

Next time, he may think twice about partying with people who look like they're movie stars, but at the same time, he had watch Star Wars with the boys. Which is much more important than getting drunk with A-List celebrities.

No. Who are we kidding? You fucked up, my friend.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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