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Jason Momoa Is Still Taking Photos With Couples And Pushing Boyfriends Away

Jason Momoa Is Still Taking Photos With Couples And Pushing Boyfriends Away

The 'Aquaman' and 'Game of Thrones' star has a fun way of dealing with photo requests from fans

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Part and parcel of being a big star is being asked to pose for a photograph with fans - no matter what they're doing, celebs will likely be spotted and now that everyone has a camera on their phone, there's no escaping. Loads of stars have spoken out about what it's like to be constantly snapped and to have fans demand selfies.

So what can they do? Well, they could do what Jason Momoa does and get a bit of a laugh out of it all.

He confessed on The Graham Norton Show last night that he gets a kick out of posing with his adoring female fans while their partners look on.

He explained: "Married couples come up, and generally it's the woman that wants to get the hug and then they want me to push their husband away...or, like, kick him in the face. So I do it. And sometimes it's the man..."

Graham then shares some of the pictures and they are pretty bloody brilliant.

Look at this poor fella:

Jason Momoa is here to steal ya girl.

To add insult to injury, Jason even signed his autograph right across the boyfriend in one picture. Ouch.

He then recreated the scene with Darcey Bussell and Bill Bailey - Bill played the pissed-off husband, in case you were wondering.

Jason was there to plug his new movie Aquaman, which was released yesterday in the UK.

In an interview with the Toronto Sun about the DC Extended Universe flick, he said: "We see Arthur [Curry, Aquaman's alter-ego] becoming a man and then we see him going from a man to a king ... it's the ultimate superhero story."

Opening up about his character, he added: "I think when Zack [Snyder, Justice League director] originally conceived of the character he saw him as someone who was definitely jaded.

"He was someone who'd seen a lot and went through a lot. He was pretty much disregarded by the Atlanteans, and he wasn't accepted on land by humans. When he found a place he could fit in, maybe it was on a boat or an oil rig. He had lost men and he had saved men. His human side made him have empathy, but his powers put him in a situation where he wanted to hide out. That's where we find him in Justice League.

"He's a guy who's been living on the outskirts. That's what Zack wanted. When he has to come in and help, his initial response is, 'Nah' His opinion is very strong and crass and that's what Zack envisioned. He wanted a kind of Outlaw Josey Wales kind of vibe to him."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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