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People Are Re-Watching Adam Sandler Movies And Finding Him Too Aggressive

People Are Re-Watching Adam Sandler Movies And Finding Him Too Aggressive

There are many trademarks to an Adam Sandler movie. Along with cameos from his many celebrity mates, slapstick fight scenes, deadbeat sidekicks (usually played by Rob Schneider), you've also often got animals doing amusing things - like that walrus vomming all over its zookeeper in 50 First Dates or the talking bulldog in Little Nicky.

However, perhaps the most recognisable trope of them all is Sandler himself - who's created a bit of a reputation for always portraying some waster who doesn't really give a shit.


Through films like Happy Gilmore, The Longest Yard, Billy Madison and Big Daddy, Sandler has created a long-running persona that is eccentric, outlandish, loud, and, more importantly, that absolutely hates the world.

That's something that modern audiences are picking up on, noting in particular that his characters can actually come across as pretty aggressive sometimes.


One person tweeted: "What's that Adam Sandler movie where he plays the aggressive nice guy who gets the girl in the end?"

After someone suggested 50 First Dates", she replied: "It's supposed to be a joke, the answer is literally all of them."

Another person also tweeted: "I really hate Adam Sandler. His acting is way wayy too aggressive. He's just always angry and blabla. Ah!"

Mind you, it's actually when Sandler isn't being his loud, shouting self that people seem to worry most.

Almost a year ago he appeared on The Graham Norton Show, when viewers took to social media to comment on how subdued he seemed.

"I can't figure out if Adam Sandler is stoned, drunk or just terrible at interviews," one person tweeted.

"Adam Sandler looks pissed - anyone agree??" another added.

Others picked up on his slightly awkward behaviour with fellow guest Claire Foy - after he placed his hand on her knee, before she batted it off, laughing.

One viewer said: "Adam Sandler has no social awareness of how awkward he seemed to be making Emma Thompson and Claire Foy."

Someone else wrote: "Felt very uncomfortable watching Adam repeatedly put his unwanted hand on the knee of Claire Foy & the wonderous Emma T."

A representative for Foy later said that no offence had been taken, telling the Metro: "We don't believe anything was meant by Adam's gesture and no offence was caused to Claire."

Reps for Sandler also said: "This is completely ridiculous. It was a friendly gesture." They added that Sandler had acted in a similar way with Dustin Hoffman during a recent interview in the US.

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