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Russo Brothers Share Picture Of Stan Lee From His Endgame Cameo

Russo Brothers Share Picture Of Stan Lee From His Endgame Cameo

Groovy, Stan

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

The Russo Brothers - the directorial duo behind the smash hit Avengers: Endgame - have shared a photograph on their social media channels that shows Marvel supremo and comic book legend Stan Lee in his final cameo.

Lee died last year on November 12th 2018. He was 95 years old.


Lee famously liked to have a short cameo role in each of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, and Endgame - which just passed $2bn at the box office after just two weeks - was no different.

Alongside the shot of Lee with sitting in a chair in his costume, the brothers issued a plea to fans to not only be nice to each other, but still to try not to deliberately ruin the final instalment in this edition of the MCU for anyone who has yet to see the epic Endgame.

The Russo brothers.

They said: "Just because the spoiler ban is lifting, doesn't mean you shouldn't treat your fellow humans with respect and dignity during discourse.

"Or that you should run around intentionally trying to spoil the movie for people who haven't seen it..."

Fair enough, that's not a bad request.

Stan Lee.

Recently, the brothers explained how they went about slipping Stan Lee into their films. After all, everyone who goes to a Marvel film pretty much recognises him. That makes it difficult to just show him on screen without shattering everyone's state of suspension of disbelief.

Anthony Russo told Vulture: "I'm sure all the directors approach it differently, but the way we approach it is, we get the script done and then we start looking for a great area to put Stan into the movie,

"And we try to make it have some narrative richness and also make it entertaining for the fans. For Winter Soldier, it's the security guard when Cap steals his suit back. Very poignant moment in the movie. And Civil War, 'Tony Stank.'"

Russo continued: "And then, a very poignant last appearance, which is set in the past,

"And we aged him down for it, y'know, got some pictures of Stan from the '70s."

Stan Lee in 2015.

That's why Stan looks so strange in this particular shot. He's got dyed hair - probably a wig - and some spiffy 70s clothing. He plays a hippy who drives past shouting "make love not war!" - that sounds pretty perfect for Stan Lee.

Joe Russo explained that Lee wasn't usually written into the script but shoehorned in afterwards. He said: "We'll spend a couple hours going, 'Okay, where does Stan go in the movie?'

"The development process is like painted layers. It's definitely one of the last layers," Anthony explained.

"The example of the bus driver: We knew in Infinity War, once it left Earth, Stan was not gonna fit in the film. Because the story lines became hermetic at that point; you're in space."

Stan Lee in 2002.

Anthony added: "You also have to put him in a place in the movie where the tone can behave in a certain manner where it can accept the cameo. And that was the part of the movie that could hold the cameo."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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