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'Avengers' Fans Assemble: ‘Black Widow’ Movie Could Start Production Next Year

'Avengers' Fans Assemble: ‘Black Widow’ Movie Could Start Production Next Year

The Black Widow is one of the last original Avengers not to have their origin story told, but that could be about to change

There's no denying that the Avengers film series calls upon an incredible number of superheroes and, because there's so much going on, it's tough to give everyone their own back story.

So far, we've been treated to the origins of Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man and Thor.

But it looks like we will be seeing how Natalia 'Natasha' Alianovna Romanova became the Black Widow in a spin-off that could start filming next year.

According to Omega Underground, Marvel is looking at getting Jac Schaeffer (Timer) to write the script and Maria Djurkovic (Red Sparrow) to be the production designer. They've already got the star of the film in Scarlett Johansson, who's played Black Widow since 2012 - now they just need the rest of the cast and crew.


Audiences have only received tiny bits of information about the former Russian spy turned Avenger, so it will be awesome to see how she learned her skills and what got her on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s radar.

She did mention in a previous film that she grabbed their attention in a 'bad way' and she's alluded to some pretty epic missions she was sent on, so movie studios will certainly have plenty of material to work with.

Speaking to Collider, Johansson said: "The character has a really rich origin story and I've been really fortunate to kind of place all these layers on top of one another and kind of build up this character to this point where I think I can now start to peel them away and reveal different sides of her and really focus on... I think I've been able to grow with the character, the character's been able to grow with me.


"Her dilemma that she faces it's a deeply personal one, she has this great, huge, epic kind of calling and now is suddenly going, 'Wait a minute. I have this epic calling, but I wanna make a choice for myself. I feel like I've put in the hours, I should be able to make active choices.'

"And she inevitably chooses the heroic path and kind of puts her own personal desires and needs aside."

The standalone film has actually been in the works since 2004 with Lionsgate at the helm, but the project was dropped.

The movie hasn't been listed on the third or fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which goes all the way to 2020, but hopefully the comic book empire is just keeping this project up its sleeve for a sudden announcement.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel/Disney

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