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Beyonce's Daughter Blue Ivy Becomes One Of The Youngest People To Win A Grammy

Beyonce's Daughter Blue Ivy Becomes One Of The Youngest People To Win A Grammy

Not bad for a nine-year-old.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Blue Ivy, the eldest daughter of the iconic and legendary Beyoncé, has won her first Grammy Award.

While her mum is no stranger to the prestigious honour, it's incredible that her nine-year-old daughter has claimed her first (but probably not last) gong.

Blue, mum Beyoncé and WizKid were awarded the Grammy for Best Music Video for 'Brown Skin Girl', which was released under Beyonce's Black Is King visual album.

People thought it was incredible that Blue already has an internationally recognised award before she's even close to starting high school.

Beyoncé told Good Morning America how vital it was to showcase the music video in a particular way.

"It was so important to me in 'Brown Skin Girl' that we represented all different shades of brown... We wanted every character to be shot in a regal light - Jenn Nkiru came up with the black debutantes.

"It was important that we are all in this together and we're all celebrating each other."

Director Jenn Nkiru added to Essence that she wanted to highlight all the strong women in the community; from A-list celebrities to lesser known women executing change at the grassroots level.

"We have an incredible star-studded cast of beautiful, iconic, incredible women. And then you also have women who are lesser known, but are on the ground really doing work," Nkiru said.


"So when I was casting this, it wasn't just based on beauty and grace and all those things, I was really looking at who are the activists in their field, who are the women really doing work."

Interestingly, the win for Blue now makes the Carter-Knowles family one of, if not the most, awarded family in Grammys history, with the nine-year-old joining Beyoncé, dad Jay-Z and aunt Solange.

Even more interesting is that in the last 30 years, the only person to have been nominated for Best Music Video and Best Music Film was Beyoncé, with 'Brown Skin Girl' and 'Formation'.

Not a bad track record.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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