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Owen Wilson Is Open To The Idea Of Wedding Crashers 2

Owen Wilson Is Open To The Idea Of Wedding Crashers 2

The question was put to the star directly and his reply was pretty positive

Simon Catling

Simon Catling

Could a Wedding Crashers 2 happen? Owen Wilson hasn't discounted it.

The original Wedding Crashers - released in 2005 - was a box office and critical success for its stars Wilson and Vince Vaughn.

The movie was a warm-hearted, frequently laugh-out-loud comedy about two single guys hitting up weddings essentially to get their end away only to fall in love.

Wedding Crashers 2 is on the horizon
Wedding Crashers 2 is on the horizon

It provided early breakthrough roles for Isla Fisher and Bradley Cooper, established Rachel McAdams as one of the most sought-after actresses of the time and saw Christopher Walken put in a pretty funny turn as loving dad and fictional US Secretary William Cleary.

Unlike a lot of comedies from that period, Wedding Crashers has largely aged fairly well and retained a big fan base - with long lasting calls for a sequel and rumours that filming could be starting sooner than we think.

Owen Wilson has said he'd certainly be open to reprising his role from the film.

Talking to Esquire, the 52-year-old said in response to a question about a potential Wedding Crashers 2: "I guess if the people rise up and demand it, then who are we to say no?"

He added. "I do think that Vince and I have been talking about when this pandemic ends, maybe, crashing some weddings in real life just to celebrate a return to normalcy.

"So maybe we'll get some inspiration from that."

New Line

Wilson has got a pretty busy 2021 to get out of the way in the meantime, though.

He recently starred as Mobius M. Mobius in MCU series Loki, and a second season is in development.

His latest collaboration with Wes Anderson, The French Dispatch, premiered at Cannes Film Festival last month and comes out on general release this autumn.

There's also the matter of two movies that are currently filming: Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman's superhero film Secret Headquarters and indie comedy film Paint.

Wedding Crashers.
New Line Cinema

Many will be hoping Wilson and Vaughn can rekindle their creative partnership, however, perhaps none more so than the pair themselves, who became good friends off the back of filming Wedding Crashers.

Talking to Esquire about the bond the pair now have, Wilson said: "It wasn't until we were sort of working on Wedding Crashers we became friends.

"And I don't know, some people you just hit it off with, and are simpatico with."

We'd love to see that chemistry return to the screen once again.

Featured Image Credit: New Line

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