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World's Tightest Woman Only Owns One Lightbulb And Cooks Food In Dishwasher

World's Tightest Woman Only Owns One Lightbulb And Cooks Food In Dishwasher

Stephanie Bennett also won't let her partner shower for more than two minutes and turns the TV off during adverts

We love a good money saving tip as much as the next person but Stephanie Bennett takes things to an extreme as she walks around the house with a lightbulb, among many other things:

Stephanie is on a mission to keep her outgoings as low as possible so she collects lint from her dryer to turn it in to makeshift cotton pads which she will use to take her nail varnish off and apply her make up.

When it comes to the lightbulb, the mother will move it around the house with her and reckons doing so saves $60-a-month on electricity.

Her boyfriend, Patrick Robinson, doesn't understand the way she lives, saying: "Stephanie has a good job, she works at a doctor's office. She does have a lot of money saved up, she doesn't want to spend nothing. This is ridiculous but I love Stephanie."

Stephanie takes a lightbulb around the house with her.

Stephanie, who appeared on TLC's Extreme Cheapskates, also enforces 'navy showers' and uses a baby monitor to tell her partner when his time is up.

The premise of the experience is to get in and rinse your body before turning the shower off to lather yourself with soap, rinsing it off and getting out.

Stephanie said: "Cut the water off, lather your body down make sure you get every area so you don't miss anything because you can't go back to it... and get out."

Patrick wasn't on board with the regimented routine, telling the cameras: "I'm not allowed to take long showers because Stephanie likes to save money for the water bill. I don't really get to wash my full body, like I'm a grown ass man and I should be able to go in there and take a manly shower."


As well as reusing the pasta water over and over again, Stephanie says she is able to make the most of every food and drink in the house by putting them back in their containers.

When it comes to supermarket shopping, Stephanie peels bananas before putting them on the scales as well as picking grapes from the vine.

Arguably the most bizarre of it all is Stephanie's cooking skills. She likes to use her dishwasher to make food, meaning she can get extra bits washed at the same time.

It means that she has to wrap the containers tightly using tinfoil to make sure that the water doesn't seep through but she would rather do this that turn on the oven.

Stephanie said: "[I make] fish, hotdogs, lasagne, I'm telling you - I do it all the time."

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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