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Bizarre Theory Claims Eminem Has Died And Been Replaced By A Robot

Claire Reid

| Last updated 

Bizarre Theory Claims Eminem Has Died And Been Replaced By A Robot

Quick - tell me who this is:

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

If you said 'Eminem', then I'm sorry to say, you're wrong. If, however, you said 'it's a robot, designed to cover up the death of and replace Eminem', then well done you, you're correct; at least according to one bizarre Internet conspiracy theory anyway.

Yup, our latest trip down the rabbit hole comes care of La Guía Del Varón, which shares the completely legit and not-at-all bollocks theory that Eminem died back in 2006, but as he was such a big star - generating piles of cash - the music industry decided to replace him with an android.

Don't come at me telling me the technology wasn't there back in 2006, that's just what 'they' want you to think. In fact, some people even go further and claim the rapper died all the way back in 1999.

Anyway, as proof our Eminem death truther shows images of the rapper pre-2006 alongside more recent photos and points out the changes to facial structure - specifically more defined cheekbones, a lower hairline and a slimmer jaw.

This is him back in 2001:

Eminem before he was replaced with an android. Credit: PA
Eminem before he was replaced with an android. Credit: PA

And a more recent photo:

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Look at his face, see how it's changed? No, he hasn't just aged and lost a bit of weight, don't be ridiculous. He's a robot, OK?

The theory also points out that since 2006 the rapper has made 'significant changes' to the lyrics he's popping out and that his style of dress has also changed - adding that he now puts 'a great emphasis on the hip hop lifestyle' and has changed to a 'much darker' style, which is significant, because no one ever changes how they dress as they get older. So it's case closed for me.

The theory creator adds: "The Eminem that we all know is a fraud, that knows that it is a fraud and is rubbing it in our faces". What a bastard, eh?

If you're not fully convinced that our man Marshall is a robot, then how about a clone? Because there's a whole other bizarre conspiracy theory which claims that the rapper is some sort of Illuminati clone.

The weird post suggests, 'many brainwashed people, not able to conceive of what reality is really like, believed the lie and followed after their hero in his new mentality'.

Sorry, I have to say it: will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Featured Image Credit: PA

Topics: Music, Weird, eminem

Claire Reid
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