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Jake Humphrey Gets Savaged For His Message To Celebrate Mum's 69th Birthday

Jake Humphrey Gets Savaged For His Message To Celebrate Mum's 69th Birthday

Phrasing is very important on social media, particularly when the subject matter involves the number 69 and your mum

Paddy Maddison

Paddy Maddison

With a home in the leafy London suburb of Richmond, a history presenting fluffy children's TV shows and a sideline in charity work, Jake Humphrey appears on the surface to be just about as wholesome as they come.

However, a badly worded Tweet posted by the former BBC F1 anchor over the weekend left his followers asking questions about what he really gets up to in his spare time. Particularly with his mum.

Jake, who was clearly just trying to wish his beloved mother a happy birthday, took to Twitter to post a celebratory message, but, unfortunately, his phrasing was more than a little off.

Twitter / Jake Humphrey

"69 today!! Love ya Mum," he wrote, accompanied by a photograph of the two of them.

Naturally, the people of social media were quick to pick up on the unfortunate gaffe.

"Standard Norfolk behaviour that," joked one user, as everyone queued up to post their wittiest zingers.

Well, ok, most just posted their filthiest zingers, following the open goal Jake had presented to the world. Twitter is an unforgiving place.

One kind-hearted commenter attempted to bring the blunder to the sports presenter's attention, however, saying: "Happy Birthday to your mum mate and hope she's had a great day but please read the reply's to this tweet mate and realise how it sounds! I'm sure you'll see the funny side yourself."

However, as obvious as the joke may be to the vast majority of us, not everyone was so quick on the uptake.

"Decent cardigan. I've got that," observed Twitter user, Adam.

"69???? Looks more like 49!!!! Happy birthday Jake's mum!!!!," exclaimed another adorably naïve commenter, missing the gaffe by an absolute country mile.

But, for those who were struggling to grapple with the intricacies of such complex humour, Twitter user dicklong was on hand to provide a detailed breakdown of the gag.

"69 is also a sex position," he explained.

Poor Jake, ey? Can't even wish his dear old mum a happy birthday without his followers accusing him of doing upside-down sex stuff with her.

Still though, you can't really post something like that and not expect to feel the full force of the internet.

We're sure he'll think twice about his wording before posting any more tweets to celebrate family occasions.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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