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John Stones Reacted Hilariously To Rip The Colombia Players After England Won

John Stones Reacted Hilariously To Rip The Colombia Players After England Won

Eagle-eyed fans spotted John Stones dishing it out after the final whistle in Moscow

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Football is a cruel game. There is a lot of unsportsmanlike behaviour but that's largely fine because of the old rule - if you're going to give it out, you'd better be able to take it.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted John Stones doing just that in the immediate aftermath of England's dramatic penalty shootout win over Columbia last night in the World Cup last 16.

Once Eric Dier had slotted home his spot kick, the pandemonium started. During all of the hysteria, Manchester City defender Stones turned to the Colombian team, who had been acting like spoilt children all game, to give them what for.

Twitter/ITV Football

He screamed and shouted at them as he ran to celebrate and, even though it's not the classiest thing anyone has ever done, it's definitely funny.

Twitter/ITV Football

Anyone who tells you that this is wrong is probably a jeans and smart shoes wearing rugby fan who shares things on Facebook that say: "Football is gentleman's game played by thugs, Rugby is a thug's game played by gentleman".

Well, footballers might not be the smartest, and they may not be the most gracious people ever, but watching that has got to be better than watching the 'rugger' at 'Twickers' then vomiting into a pint glass.

The scenes in Moscow after England won were of sheer relief and joy, they'd been made to work for it by their South American opponents.

As well as being physical, the Colombians were angry. They surrounded the referee at all times and were basically acting in a way that could also be described as less than classy.

A late Yerry Mina goal hauled Los Cafeteros back into the fight in stoppage time after Harry Kane had given England the lead from the spot.

Oh, but before he was allowed to give England the lead from the spot, he was made to wait three minutes whilst his opponents tried to scuff up the penalty spot.


After exchanging blows in extra-time, they could not be separated. That meant penalties.

Now, you've probably heard this, but England tend not to excel from 12 yards when the pressure is on. They'd never won a World Cup shootout, and their last win on spot-kicks was in Euro '96 against Spain.

Hell, an English goalkeeper hadn't even saved a pen since 1998 - David Seaman, since you've asked.

With that in mind, the release when they finally got across the line meant they deserved their moment of wild celebration.


If John Stones chose to use that moment to get it into his opponents, who had been acting like kids, so be it.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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